Is It Possible To Explore Our Consciousness?

228Comment: In science, there is great confusion between consciousness, reason, and intellect. Everything is piled into one heap.

My Response: Let’s try to understand these definitions. Frankly speaking, I never did this intentionally. I found my teacher at a young age, and he “bought” me with an absolutely clear, systematic approach to everything.

Comment: The problem is that for hundreds of years we have made almost no progress on this issue. Descartes, for example, searched for the soul in the brain, found the pineal gland, and said “This is the soul.” And today it is the same: consciousness is sought after in the brain.

Surprisingly, it seems that exactly in these areas there is great progress, there is tomography, a large number of tools, but we have not made any progress.

My Response: The fact is that these devices will not be able to give us any impression about the soul, about consciousness, nor about the mind.

Comment: Unfortunately, scientists continue their research in this direction. Some of them say, “Consciousness research is a waste of time.” Others feel that they have reached a dead end and can do nothing. Yet, all of them still continue to cling to a purely materialistic approach.

My Response: Kabbalah also deals with pure materialism. It says, “It is necessary to find a way to rise above our nature. Our entire nature is egoism. We must try to rise above it.”

Do we have this opportunity or not? Kabbalah says that we have it, and accordingly it gives some tools, some opportunities.

On one hand, this is, in principle, a clear, sober, materialistic approach. On the other hand, it goes against our nature, our egoistic desires. Therefore, scientists do not need it.

Within the framework of our nature, scientists agree to anything because there is a visible benefit in the place where you invest. They are willing to take risks and sacrifice themselves, but they understand this in their mind at the same level. There are well-known examples of when scientists really sacrificed their lives in dangerous experiments.

However, the average person cannot understand what Kabbalah offers. Here we need a different atmosphere, a different laboratory. Here you yourself are the laboratory.

How can we talk about the mind if we do not try to rise above it?! How can we study it?! This is clear to anyone: If I need to research something, I need to be at least a small step higher than this object of research. It is impossible to do anything without exiting yourself. Therefore, I agree with those who say that this is beyond their control.

Without the auxiliary tool that Kabbalah offers,—to extract from the surrounding world, from the field surrounding us, a force that is opposite to our nature, and make it change us, raise us above our nature to the next level—it is impossible to explore our current degree. Then we will know what the mind is and what consciousness is. It will be possible for anyone.

In the meantime, we just have to accept without proof that there is such a force that can take us to the next degree. Then from this degree, we will explore our consciousness and our mind.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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