How To Win In Any Situation

506.1Question: Once, a European student, boxing and French wrestling world champion came to an old martial arts teacher and asked: “What can you teach me?”

The old master said: “Imagine that you are walking around the city and accidentally wander into a street where several thugs are waiting for you who want to rob you and break your ribs.” The student says: “And you will teach me tricks on how to defeat them?” “No, I will teach you not to go there.”

The question is: If you are strong, do you go forward to defeat your enemies, or do you walk away from them? What will you do? We face all kinds of dangers today. Someone walks into danger, and they say he is brave. Someone avoids it, he is a coward. How should a person behave?

Answer: There are people who like to get involved in all sorts of dangerous games, squabbles, and confrontations. For them, this very situation, this very event gives such a thrill that for this, they believe, one must live. All these parties, all this is absolutely useless.

And there are people who do not want this; they are interested in results. If I can achieve what I need without getting involved in any explanations and general relationships with these nonentities that are spinning in all these get-togethers, then why should I do it?

The attitude should be as follows: closer to the goal and away from all these confrontations. They will force you, they will glue you to their societies, and you will have to answer them. They will stick to you and not let go. They will make you spin in their circles. You absolutely don’t need it. You will get confused along the way and you will not reach the goal.

So, best of all, you do not need these arts to fight opponents. Absolutely! You do not need any knowledge of any techniques there. You need to know how you can achieve this goal in a short, simple way. This is usually done by simulating the state that you want to achieve.

Question: How can you anyway get around this street? Isn’t it actually this wisdom one must learn to get around?

Answer: For what purpose do you go there or go around, or go anywhere?

Comment: The goal is maybe simply to defeat this bandit or this politician.

My Response: That is another matter. Then you have to go there and do something there.

And if your goal is not for men but for making some kind of change in nature—the nature of society or the state, then you do not need all kinds of petty gangster squabbles.

Question: What goal should man still have so that he does not engage in these confrontations at all, so that he understands that all this is nonsense?

Answer: If we are talking about a pure goal, then I must set it up for myself and realize that it can be achieved only with the help of a higher force. And so, I must go to the area where this higher force operates, establish contact with it, and negotiate with it so that it does what is needed.

Enter not selfish but altruistic areas. And I must find contact with the Creator there and convince Him, beg Him, that it is necessary to change humanity.

Question: And what kind of tricks are there in the altruistic area?

Answer: The opposite is true. It is not egoism with which I enter and try to show everyone how cool I am, but altruism, when I enter and show everyone how much I can nullify myself for the sake of others.

Question: Is this called real courage?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: And you also go there to fight? Is this a fight too?

Answer: There will be another battle here: you must fight with yourself. Because you feel that your whole nature is against it.

Remark: That is, the main thing is to master the techniques of fighting yourself and not someone else?

Answer: And this is not so far away.

Question: Will man come to this?

Answer: It will come.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/15/21

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