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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Many of your students are involved with sports, they have titles and awards. And I have heard that you also continue to be involved with sports. How do you relate to sports and what are its roots in the spiritual world, especially the martial arts?

Answer: Sports in general are beneficial to some extent. I will tell you what I think about the martial arts. A real fighter who masters these skills overcomes the natural fear, which is present within every person because each one of us is an egoist. By acquiring the art of hand-to-hand combat, a person feels that he cannot be afraid of anything, and therefore he is ready to open himself, his heart, to be gracious, friendly, and sympathetic towards others since he is not afraid of anything. He protects himself, his ego. Through martial arts he acquires a shield so he has no need for a sword. This condition is called the “power of kindness.”

So when used correctly, all martial arts are noble. If our nature weren’t egoistic, then there would be no need to calm down the ego or a need for martial arts. But in spite of that, our ego is our only nature and we don’t have anything else. So by making a “screen” over our ego, by calming it down with the help of martial arts, we can be open towards others, and therefore, as strange as it may sound, the control and dignity of the martial arts leads to goodness and unity.

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