Produce The Integral Laws Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we begin to work with people in the area of integral education, do we put emphasis on the method itself or on the group of ten in which the integral force is revealed?

Answer: On the group of ten in which the people who receive integral education and training begin to discover this method themselves. After all, we know how much it enters and remains in a person. Thus, the significance of verbal and conceptual conveyance disappears.

People must feel everything themselves and reach those conclusions that we want to teach them, themselves. Therefore, all the questions we ask during the course of the workshop must be directed towards this, for this will produce the most reliable result.

They will suddenly begin to understand: “Yes, this must be so,” and we immediately ask them, “And why not otherwise?” And they will convince themselves and us with the integral conclusion that they have reached: It is definitely necessary to agree with what another person says, and I only supplement him, and the one who comes after me supplements me, and so on.

In other words, all of us must reach some kind of common opinion that we accept, not that is imposed upon us and not crushed into us during the process of some of cunning dialogue or political persuasion; rather, it becomes the opinion of everyone without exception. How is it possible to find an opinion like this in which everyone will specifically feel it as my solution? It is not that I concede; they don’t convince me; rather, it exists in the same form as I express it. And then this will be integral unity.

After this everyone reaches a common opinion that we should solve everything on an equal basis, according to those characteristics that nature gave each one. This is to say, the equality of the people can only be conditional. And so on. Thus, the students should produce all the common integral laws on their own.
From Kab TVs “Through Time” 9/17/2013

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