Don’t Be Ashamed Of Our Promises

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have had situations where we have worked a long time on some projects, and suddenly a need for developing and implementing a new project appeared. We stopped all the work in our factory and worked on the urgent project for a month or two.

On the one hand, this was our joint decision. On the other hand, at the time that the decision was made, many things were not clear to everyone: “Why are we doing this? For what? We are dealing with some kind of common joint dissemination, and what else?” People didn’t understand how much this could consolidate them, ignite them, how much they would begin to feel each other, how much this would burn within them. They thought that they had no need for this: Why take off in all directions or conversely go into some particular area?

So, I was compelled to give instructions directly so that everyone would be involved specifically with this. After that, people understood that this had been truly imperative, although, in the beginning, many were opposed and some even thought that they needed to be involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah only.

We had a friend who studied with us for fifteen years. He, ultimately, didn’t understand that dissemination had become a necessary condition for our unification and connection, and was, therefore, compelled to leave, for if two people don’t give rise to a third component, don’t care for it as if it were their little child, and they don’t unite, this is not a family, but simply two people living together.

A family is when there is some third thing in common, and now we are going out for a project like this in which we all are involved together, this is our small child and it leads us toward unity and connection.

Besides that, this project gave us an inner sense of urgency that we need to bring to people what they are missing. We went out to the masses, we promised them everything that we could, and after that we found ourselves in a dilemma, “And what else? How will we fulfill them? How will we carry out what we promised the people?” You see that they are all found here next to us, and you cannot escape from them somewhere like a traveling circus.

In other words, we intentionally promised them many things. It follows that we intentionally took upon ourselves great ambitious missions and we promised people that we would carry them out. We put ourselves into a trap. And we have no other choice but with fear, with shame, with inner trembling, to be infused with that condition that obligates us to unite, for otherwise, nothing will emerge for us, and what are we going to do now? Where will we find that power that will fulfill everything that we promised the people?

It follows that all the promises to the wider circles of society force a person to an internal mobilization, to be connected with the others, obligating the search for a way out.  And there is only one way out: to shout to the Creator. Unite and scream to the Creator.

Otherwise, they will beat you. They will shame you. They will relate to you with contempt. All the work that we have done ultimately will become negative publicity for you. You will be like all the rest of the parties and organizations who only make promises and don’t carry anything out and cannot do anything.

Therefore, it is specifically necessary to go out to the wider circles of society and make promises, and after that to clarify how you will fulfill these promises so as not to be ashamed to go out into the street. The Creator will arrange feelings of shame like this for you that will oblige you to unite, to search for salvation, and then everything will be okay.
From a Talk About Dissemination 10/17/13

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