How Does Consciousness Emerge?

565.02Question: How does Kabbalah interpret consciousness? How is it related to intention and desire?

Answer: Consciousness is built from identifying an external source (informational field) and does not exist on its own. To the extent that we begin to feel the influence of an external force upon us, we can say that consciousness appears in us.

You can connect to the consciousness outside of a person by your inner development. We exist in this information field, and therefore, by tuning ourselves to it, we receive consciousness.

Question: What is subconsciousness?

Answer: This is all psychology that makes such distinctions. Kabbalah does not deal with it.

Comment: Nonetheless, there are some things that I do consciously and some I do subconsciously.

Answer: Naturally. Our actions and the impact of nature on us are practically the two sources of our existence. Using the term “consciousness,” I imply our perception of the influences of nature, their analysis, and decision-making how to act under their influence.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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