Who Will Survive?

566.02All of nature is built on the aspiration for more complex types of connection. Our task is to learn from it to connect in order to build our lives analogous with what we see in nature.

Question: How is this law of cooperation manifested in society? We also see that other, rather strict laws are operating in nature. We cannot take them just the way they are and apply them to society.

Answer: Even these rigid laws act in the name of compact connection of all the qualities of nature into one single whole. And if somewhere we see mutual destruction, confrontation, then we must understand that this is still working in the same direction in order to bring nature to a single system.

Remark: If, for example, we take the simple law of the survival of the strongest, we do not want to live in a society according to the law of the jungle.

My Comment: It depends on how we interpret the concept of “the strongest.” We see that the physically strongest person does not survive. The practical person survives as they know how to use the environment rationally and direct it to the achievement of a higher goal of nature.

And when a coarse force that holds up everything under itself is in action, nothing works out. Everything is acting in a very intelligent and multi-faceted system. You cannot say that now some kind of wave is going to come and it will arrange everything or destroy everything. Whatever happens, it still creates some opportunities for new connections. Nature aspires from the simplest species to more complex ones.

Question: Can we take the law of homeostasis, which we can clearly feel in our body, and transfer it to society? How is this law manifested in society, or is it impossible to see it?

Answer: All this is relative. Although our society is far from perfect, it needs all sorts of people: strong and weak, smart and stupid. In general, humanity must be very diverse in order to be able to correctly connect from this diversity and create an integral, complete form.

Nature strives for diversity, not for making one person strong and giving him power over the whole world. We see that it is not the strongest who survives, but not the wisest either. All possible combinations of right and left forces are necessary. The one who can most optimally accumulate within himself various qualities and use them rationally survives.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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