A White Spot On The Map Of Creation

595.06The Creator created the creatures and the environment for their existence. That is why we feel that we live in this world surrounded by inanimate nature, the entire universe, as well as plants, animals, and people on this Earth. We all live according to the rules and laws established by the Creator, the common upper force of nature.

Then the question arises: why is there something in this system that is outside this law that can be good or bad and cause doubt? It is as if there is some ambiguity and uncertainty in nature, a white spot in which different options and doubts are possible as to whether the result will be good or bad.

But the Creator purposely left one vague, misty area inside creation, a white spot where we exist. He wanted us to use all the resources given to us and build in this spot conditions, a country, society, the world, the galaxy, just as the Creator would have made them, but He entrusted it to us.

Therefore, we must study which properties the Creator has given us and which He has not given us, and with the help of all of them find out what the Creator is, what His desire is, and what is missing in creation to make it the perfect state intended by the Creator. Thus, the Creator has started the creation, and we fulfill and finalize it, and attain His desire, capabilities, acting forces, and the system.

It turns out that a part of creation was completed by the Creator and a part was not. But we can use all the parts of creation that He has created to make it into a perfect, fully connected form.

From the word “Ashlama” (completion), that is, “Shlemut” (perfection), comes the word “Shalom” (peace), the word of the Creator, His name. Our task is to establish peace in the world.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/8/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”

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