The World Is Like A Petri Dish With Coronaviruses

627.2Coronavirus is a spiritual virus, not in the sense of some kind of mysticism, but because it reacts to the spirit that reigns between people. It enjoys and feeds on the hatred between us, and it develops and lives within it.

Therefore, it manifests itself and begins to gain strength fueled by our unkind relationships with each other. The more anger, rejection, and conflicts between us, the more comfortable the virus feels, multiplying in this nutritious environment.

Doctors and psychologists warn of the serious consequences of prolonged isolation of children at home. But in order for children to be able to return to school, their parents must change. Adults need to correct their bad behavior, their mutual alienation, and hatred. The egoism existing between us, the impurity, gives food to the virus, and provides it with a living environment.

Only mutual rapprochement can disinfect the place where the virus lives. The virus lives inside our hatred for each other. Obligatory distance separates us and does not allow us to get closer, and all this space is filled with hatred, claims, and discord. This is a favorable environment for the virus, it multiplies in it, as if in a nutritious solution, like in a Petri dish in a laboratory.

If you put our relationships in a Petri dish, you will see how intensively the coronaviruses will begin to multiply in it. Until we begin to change, we will suffer more and more and die. The Creator has no other method of influencing us, but for intensifying our problems, until we all agree to correct ourselves.

We need to think about what needs to be done so that all humanity, all nations, and all families can live peacefully and happy on Earth. Otherwise, we will simply come to the end of our existence. Time for thinking has already expired; we urgently need to start acting. First of all, we need to understand what changes are needed and what new world we must enter.

Nature leads us into a new state. We must realize what is happening and bring ourselves in line with it. Until we do this, nothing will change. How can we get children back to school and adults back to work if we do not fit into this new world? We will have to stay at home until we understand that we must behave in a new way.

So it is happening all over the world. First, one, then another country suddenly flares up, as if a fire has broken out, and again calms down. The reason is not the virus, but our attitude to each other.

We are entering a new stage in the development of humanity, the peculiarity of which is that it is not nature that obliges a person to live in a certain way, but people themselves determine through their relations in what nature we will exist. We have already passed all the geological periods, nature has finished developing, and it is the turn of man. We determine by our inner attitude in what world we will live.
From KabTV’s “Writer’s Meetings” 10/27/20

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