Who Selects The People In The Ten?

528.01Question: There is a law of heterogeneity of communication systems according to which people should be different. If they were the same, they would cancel each other out. It is the connection of opposite people that is one of the basic principles of communication. It turns out that you need to select different people in the ten. Should we pick them ourselves?

Answer: No, not in any case. Nature does it. We don’t even know how it is that we find ourselves in a group striving for a spiritual goal, and we must accept it as an environment in which we can develop properly.

Question: Let’s say that I, as a curator, was given a group of 200 people for me to integrate. Naturally, all people are different in character, status, etc. Should I mix them spontaneously, or see who works where, who studied where, what kind of education they have? Try to make them match in qualities?

Answer: First of all, we need to give them a general initial course so that they will listen, look closely, and as they say, sniff each other. And then gradually they will divide themselves into certain groups because people usually attract or move away from each other. And you will see how they connect with each other by their inner intuition.

Do not force them together. We must enable the connection to start with the correct actions, and then it will be clear who is moving toward each other, who is more comfortable with whom. And then continue this process on higher levels.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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