Always In Pursuit Of Egoistic Pleasure

629.4Question: Pharaoh (Hebrew: Parah) is the main acting force. Your teacher Rabash explains that “Parah” means “Peh Ra” (bad mouth). What or who are we talking about?

Answer: We are talking about someone who denies that the world is ruled by a good force, the upper force of the Creator, and claims that the world is ruled by evil, an egoistic force, and that this is the only thing that should be developed and controlled.

Question: If you read the word “Parah” from right to left, you will get “Oref” (back of the neck). What does it mean?

Answer: This is the reverse side of the Creator. In practice, there is one upper force, literally called the Creator, which manifests itself both in a good form and in its opposite: as an evil force called Pharaoh (Parah).

Question: What does it mean that the Pharaoh sucked all the good out of the people who worked for him?

Answer: This is what we see in our lives: no matter what we try to do, nothing good comes out of it in the end because we use egoism only for the sake of reinforcing it.

Question: So it is impossible to enjoy egoism? As soon as we are fulfilled with something, this pleasure instantly fades?

Answer: Not only that, but there is an even greater egoism we fulfill again. Thus, we are always in pursuit of egoistic pleasure that in the end never fulfills us.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/26/21

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