Spiritual Card Stamped On The Heart

275The Torah is the internal program of our desires, we must organize them according to it, feel its stories and actions generated in us, and begin to live within this system. We are all broken, but due to the fact that we engage in the Torah, its reforming light corrects us and correctly connects all the broken parts.

It is not the elements themselves that are broken, but the connections between them, and by adjusting them, we build ourselves, which is called “raising the Shechina from the dust.” Divinity is all fragmented into small egoistic desires and we need to gradually combine them into one system, which will become one person, Adam, similar to the Creator, where everyone is in mutual bestowal.

In fact, we study our correct internal structure and how to correct it according to the Torah so that the single higher force, besides which there is nothing, will open in us, fill and envelop us. In this way, we will correctly implement the Torah and feel how the upper force operates in us. We will attract it, hasten its opening, and create all the conditions on the part of the desire (Kli) for the manifestation of the power of light in it.

It is said that the Torah must be written on your heart. You need to go through and feel everything that the Torah says from the first words, “In the beginning” (Bereshit), to the last word, “Israel,” the whole process described in the Torah. In this way, we will adjust ourselves correctly and allow the Creator to clothe in us without any hindrances on our part. On the contrary, we will attract and engage Him, by become a correct vessel for the light, Divinity, in which the Creator is revealed.

The Creator created one complete desire, called Adam HaRishon before the sin, but then broke it into many parts. And we need to try to connect these parts, put them back together like a spiritual puzzle in each one of us and between all of us together. And after that, instead of this world, we will begin to see what is beyond it: the spiritual world in which one force, the Creator, rules, and all parts of reality are mutually connected in perfect unity.

Therefore, our perception of the Torah will completely change and instead of history, geography, events of ordinary life, which were presented to us in our egoism, a completely different form will appear—the spiritual one. Instead of many characters and people, we will see desires and how the two forces act: the Creator and the Pharaoh. And between them on this map stands Moses and all of us behind him.

The more we study the Torah, the clearer it will become that all of reality is included in this little book. Nothing else is needed except to imprint it on your heart, that is, on your desires. Then we will be certain that there really is nothing but this.

And for this to become a reality, it is necessary to embody this whole process in the group, in the ten, between us. It is necessary to find out how all the studied material is revealed between us, in our relations. We will begin to recognize these processes, see how they change, improve, and mend.

And the more we want this to happen to us in practice, the sooner we will reach the end of correction and clothe in the Torah, the entire upper light in the Kli called Israel, that is, directed only toward the Creator. The Creator will fill this vessel and “On that day, the Lord will be one and His name, ‘One.’” The light is perfect, the vessel will become perfect, and they will merge with each other.

All this is realized in a group, as it is said: “I dwell among my own people,” that is, within a group that reveals the light more and more as it unites. The light unites us and brings us closer until we feel that we are together in the same process under the influence of one light and become so close that we merge with the Creator, as it is said: “He is one and His name, One.” He, the Creator, is the light, and His name is the desire, the vessel, us. The light and our desires will thus become so similar to each other in the action of mutual bestowal: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,” that the Creator will completely clothe himself inside the creation He created.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/2/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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