Ask The Creator For Help

562.02Comment: Kabbalah says that when a person does not ask for help from the Creator, it is a transgression.

My Response: People who are aspiring for the goal of creation and want to reach the correct state should understand that their aspirations consist of two directions.

One is moving toward each other. The other is the realization and understanding that it is impossible to do this because our nature does not allow and will not allow us to do it. The Creator stands in the way between us and does not allow us to get closer to each other, and causes all sorts of problems so that a person understands that without the participation of the Creator, he cannot get closer to others.

Neither man, nor a nation, nor a country, nor the entirety of humanity will achieve anything unless they begin to move toward getting closer to each other with the help of the Creator.

This is when the action such as a commandment, that is, a good action occurs when I try to get closer to others and ask the Creator to participate in this. Then I can definitely count on success.
From KabTV’s “”Spiritual States” 11/19/18

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