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944“They Helped Every One His Friend” is the most important topic because it is dedicated to our mutual integration through which we build the Partzuf of the soul of each one of us and all of us together. Without such mutual integration, we will not be able to build a spiritual vessel and feel spiritual phenomena, the upper force, the Creator, in it.

To achieve this, I need friends, not just for external communication, but those with whom we will merge heart and soul and help everyone in the ten to get impressions from others, to be imbued with their qualities. So each one will form a Kli in which they can feel the whole ten. Everyone will include everyone, and our Kli will be built through this.

This work continues until the very end of correction. More and more people are coming together, each in their own ten, building themselves up. And then the tens connect to each other. When the ten begins to feel as one, it feels the desire and the need to unite with other tens.

The same method of connection applies here, and the Kli grows and becomes more complex. The first spiritual vessel consists of ten friends, and the second one, where twenty people are united, already has the power of one hundred people because it is ten times ten, etc. This is not linear growth, but exponential.

Therefore, when you come to a group, it is not enough just to learn together with your friends. I need to be imbued with their qualities and to collect the special aspiration to the Creator from each of them. It turns out that we all include everyone.

Otherwise man does not have a soul if he does not build it. Therefore, it is not enough just to be in a group and participate in all the activities. The main thing is to try to adopt aspirations for our connection and for merging with the Creator. By doing this, we build a network of connections between us in which we reveal the upper force according to the equivalence of form with it.

At the congress, we must try to achieve this mutual integration, to help each other in this. This will be facilitated by the general atmosphere, the participation of a large number of tens, as well as the connection within each ten, which will affect everyone both from the environment and internally.

This is how I build my soul. It is not by chance that Kabbalists decided that the tens, ten people in each, should unite. In the ten, everyone annuls himself in order to integrate with others, to adopt their qualities and spiritual aspirations.

I no longer care about any personal qualities of my friends except for their aspiration to spirituality. I need only to be imbued with them and build out of them the first nine Sefirot of my soul. I myself am the last Sefira Malchut, which annuls itself in order to receive the first nine Sefirot from its friends and use them to build the Partzuf of its soul. And so does every friend in the ten.

And then we are impressed by what everyone has built within themselves through mutual integration with their friends, and we have a real, independent spiritual Partzuf with which we continue the same construction. Each ten tries to be impressed by another ten and absorb their mutual integration, their aspiration to the Creator, and so we build an increasingly complex and larger soul until we build the entire soul of Adam HaRishon.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/24/21, “They Helped Everyone His Friend”

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