Help In Developing The Soul

laitman_275Comment: The verse in one of the Kabbalistic songs goes like this: “The soul grows in a person not with time; commit to the work in the heart over and over again so that eventually it will appear in the world from the seed of love.”

Answer: Yes, this is how it grows. And there is nothing you can do but take care both of this seed (the point in the heart) and its environment. Mind you, the environment is our whole world. And then there are also spiritual worlds of impurity called Klipot (shells). They are an enormous help in the development of the soul, but it is negative help. It is written: “I will make for him a help made against him.”

Even in our world, if I want to be an athlete, a scientist, no matter what, I must exert and work against my natural laziness. This is the only way I can overcome my laziness.

But in spirituality, oddly enough, it is much easier. In spirituality, all you need is to understand that everything will be resolved with our unity. It is impossible to resolve any question if you are alone because then you hit a wall, and you hit it over and over again, and you get bumps on your head.

But if you connect with others, you discover the passage to the spiritual world together and enter it literally like a knife through butter.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/9/20

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