What Does The Point In The Heart Need?

laitman_202.0Question: How does the human soul grow?

Answer: If a person begins to feel that he has a desire to learn the meaning of life: why, what for, and how, this is the first manifestation of the soul. It does not give us rest, and we feel it on our own, each with respect to the force of his or her soul. Although at first a person thinks that it is something very small, petty, it is not.

Question: We always say “soul.” How should we define this concept?

Answer: Unfortunately, a person does not understand what it is. He does not understand what the meaning of life is.

The question of the meaning of life, in principle, suggests that there is no meaning in life. After all, if there were, you would see it in the aspiration of people to become someone: one wants to be a designer, the other a poet, the third something else. They do not strive for this in order to just earn a piece of bread, but in order to at least find themselves in something.

And when a person feels that he cannot find himself in anything, that everything is empty, he begins to understand that the meaning is not in this world, but outside it, above it. If it really attracts him, then he begins a serious search.

This is possible in our time. I started like that too. It took me many years, until I found where and how: a dozen years before leaving for Israel, and then a few more years in Israel. All in all, it takes time.

Every person has a point in the heart. One way or another, it will awaken anyway. The question is when. Nowadays, it manifests itself clearly, quickly and in many. And before, it manifested itself every tens or even hundreds of years in special people.

Question: Previously, there were no such large groups as Bnei Baruch?

Answer: Of course. Look at how large our group is and how it is dispersed throughout the world. This is a very serious movement, which has never existed before and has appeared only now. I never expected it.

When I began to study Kabbalah, no one seriously studied it. There were several old men, literally two or three people, and that’s all. I attended their classes, but saw that you wouldn’t get anything from them. They only read the sources, and I needed serious explanations with answers to the questions that arose in me.

After all, the point in the heart requires growth, and therefore, at any given moment, we must feel what it requires and whether we can respond to its request. The main thing is to properly direct it, because it is in a selfish environment, like inside a ball made of selfishness. But inside, this point is purely altruistic.

The question is how, through egoism, to direct an altruistic influence on it that can give it food, and it will begin to sprout.

Question: Like fruit in a shell?

Answer: I would rather call it grain in manure. And this is actually so. A person must poke around in this manure in order to extract the grain and thus grow himself. It is quite complicated.

But in our time everything is already revealed. We have prepared a huge archive of various materials. So, we need to continue to disseminate.

I am very glad that we conduct lessons and lectures for our young friends. We need to make sure that they take possession of our archive and tell us how to improve it so that it is convenient, understandable, and easy for anyone who wants to come to us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/9/20

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