Reveal Your Soul Now In This Life

laitman_963.1Question: As far as I understand, the positive side of nature that we need to attract is to begin respecting nature. When people go to the country, they leave a lot of garbage behind, and few people think about the fact that they need to clean up after them.

What is the use of positive energy? How can we say that from now on I will take responsibility, I will be a conscious person who understands the forces of nature and lives on a higher frequency?

Answer: Thank you for your question, but we are talking about a completely different level of influencing nature. After all, our human nature is absolute egoism. Even all our seemingly positive, good, kind actions, love for children, for the world, and so on, come only from egoism. Our world is controlled by only one force. The second force is concealed and we must reveal it. Therefore, people do not understand what they should do.

It is not enough for us to treat each other nicely, this will not change anything. There were many such attempts in history. We must learn how to attract the positive force of nature, the plus that would begin to act alongside the minus, and we will exist between these two poles.

Then, certainly, we will find out what a perfect, eternal world and eternal existence are. We will understand that a person exists not only in the earthly form (physical body), but there is something eternal in a person, called the soul, and it must be revealed while living in this world now, today, here.

We need to reveal our future states, that is, the eternal perfect world that exists around us, but we do not see because we perceive only through our egoistic qualities. This is all we need to learn and gradually explain to people.

And they must understand that a person living in this world must rise to the next, new degree and begin to feel the true world.

This is possible. I have students who have attained this. And the system we study and implement is called the wisdom of Kabbalah. It allows you to do this.

Question: Are you talking about universal love that we can call absolute love?

Answer: No, you cannot call this absolute love because I cannot love evil. I just want people to treat each other with this goodness that is inherent in nature.

Then, through the correct system of good and evil, we will be able to distinguish, as black and white, the true picture of the world. The veil that hangs over us will disappear and we will see with our inner and outer vision that we neither exist on a small planet nor in some closed volume of the cosmos but in completely different, upper dimensions. This we must reveal now, today, in this life.

What else do we exist for? Is it in order to fulfill ourselves with small pleasures and die peacefully?

Question: You are saying that we should not love evil. However, there are a lot of aggressive people in the world and a lot of evil comes from them. What creates this aggression? How can it be cured?

It seems to me that true absolute love helps illuminate the dark side of a person’s soul. Is there a cure for this aggression and evil?

Answer: Patience and example.

Patience against a person’s evil and a good example that he could understand. Nothing else.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah: Victoria Bonya,” 3/29/20

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