Tuning To My Neighbor

600.02Question: What instruments does the science of Kabbalah offer for studying the phenomenon of consciousness and mind?

Answer: Exiting yourself is what we need to feel the information field that surrounds us. And it is possible to feel it only beyond yourself.

Getting out of yourself is an effort to connect with similar inner tension according to specific laws and rules, i.e., one must, as it were, move into them, put yourself below them. Everything is built on “entering” the other, merging with him, and with all your might, physical and spiritual, help him in everything, excluding your “I.”

If I annul myself and I have an object of which I am trying to become a part of, and I merge with it, enter it, and dissolve in it, then I can rise above myself. This is the practice.

At the beginning, it is often purely emotional. And then, in addition to emotions, common sense, reasoning, and conclusions are added here, a method of exiting and entering another appears, a sensation of ”I” and “outside of me” arises. And outside of me is a field.

Whom am I entering then? And who is this other, my friend? It is some substance I imagine outside of me in which I am trying to dissolve completely. What happens in this case to my consciousness, to my sensations, to my capabilities? This is where the transformation of a person into “plus one” begins.

Question: Does this happen according to the law of resonance? All devices for studying ordinary fields used in physics are devices that use the principle of resonance.

Answer: Here it is the same! I try to subdue myself and resonate with the other.

Question: Is this a general universal law of research?

Answer: And there are no new laws. It’s just that I try to merge all my sensory sensations, definitions, and capabilities with others according to the same physical laws, and nothing more. I tune in as if I were taking a musical instrument and tuning it to a certain reference.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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