New Perception—Collective Consciousness

530Collective perception brings a person to a different plane. It says that you have to break away from yourself and enter the team, take everything that exists in the team as your own, try to think, act, and solve issues based on someone else’s opinion, someone else’s desire, and someone else’s goals.

Get used to this image and after a while see if you can return to yourself and to what extent it will be a different “you.”

Therefore, in Kabbalah, the so-called “ten” is practiced, when ten people unite with each other and organize a common base for desire, for a goal, for thought, in order to turn themselves into one whole. To do this, everyone must nullify themselves toward everyone else, and then, as a result of such joint work—it is not easy, it takes time—they turn into one whole, as it were.

It is very interesting to observe how they begin to think, celebrate, and solve problems. Everyone has a completely different ability to see the world at the same time. This is an integral perception of reality.

They can move away from that back to themselves, do the same exercise again in new conditions, unite together and thus see what the difference is between personal perception and integral perception. This is what Kabbalah practices. It advises us to interact in such a way in order to gradually understand what actually exists in our consciousness, how it works, how we can look at it a little differently, not from itself.
From KabTV’s “Together About Important Things” 9/2/18

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