Similarity To The Properties Of The Surrounding Field

565.01Question: In physics and in other sciences of the corporeal world, a field is usually associated with some kind of a carrier. In the spiritual world, is there no such carrier, or is it also determined?

Answer: In our world, there are some fields that we find difficult to form in the form of corporeal ones. I do not see the difference between different influences and everything that exists. I see it only in the detector, a person who, within himself, determines the division into many different carriers, parts, and properties.

Basically, an information field is just a field. It is a power. We call it the force of bestowal. A person is the receiving power. He has the opportunity to receive perception from this field directly as he is, and then he feels himself as existing, as they say, in our world.

He also has the opportunity to rise in his sensations to higher levels of conjugation with this field. Then, in addition to our level of perception, he will feel other levels of this field—spiritual. But all the same, all these sensations are only in the person himself, and only in the degree of the similarity of his properties to the properties of the field.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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