The Higher Intelligence Of The Group

laitman_947Question: What is group intelligence?

Answer: In an organized collective, there is an eclipse of reason, a relinquishing of thought and criticism, an intoxication in the collective setting, a pleasure derived from the numbing of the senses and the herd instinct of the masses. We lose independent judgment and become stupid.

So as not to become thrown into the will of the masses, of society, a small group must have a goal and a sincere desire to achieve it.

In our group, which consists of those who are studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, each person’s energy is directed toward complementing the others with Arvut (Mutual Guarantee). When we realize our aspirations in the framework of the group, the group of ten, no one’s voice is silenced. Instead, it becomes an addition to the group. Then, what appears is not just a collective animal intelligence, but the higher intelligence of the group.

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  1. I love the group as I love myself

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