Geometry Was Invented In Babylon

Laitman_115_04In the news ( “Sophisticated geometry – the branch of mathematics that deals with shapes – was being used at least 1,400 years earlier than previously thought, a study suggests.

“Research shows that the Ancient Babylonians were using geometrical calculations to track Jupiter across the night sky.

“Previously, the origins of this technique had been traced to the 14th Century. …

“It had been thought that complex geometry was first used by scholars in Oxford and Paris in medieval times.

“They used curves to trace the position and velocity of moving objects.

“But now scientists believe the Babylonians developed this technique around 350 BC. …

“Prof Ossendrijver examined five Babylonian tablets that were excavated in the 19th Century, and which are now held in the British Museum’s archives.

“The script reveals that they were using four-sided shapes, called trapezoids, to calculate when Jupiter would appear in the night sky, and also the speed and distance that it travelled.

“’This figure – a rectangle with a slanted top – describes how the velocity of a planet, which is Jupiter, changes with time,’ he said.

“We have a figure where one axis, the horizontal side, represents time, and the other axis, the vertical side, represents velocity.

“The area of trapezoid gives you the distance travelled by Jupiter along its orbit.

“’What is so special is this type of graph is unknown from antiquity – so making figures of motion in this rather abstract space of velocity against time – this is something very, very new.’”

My Comment: According to the writings of the wisdom of Kabbalah, Abraham, who was a Babylonian priest, lived during that period and according to our opinion, would be considered a scientist and his father was as well. They were a famous family of scientists; there they also developed the wisdom of Kabbalah, which had been handed down for generations from Adam HaRishon (First Man). The wisdom of Kabbalah was used for correction of the person, in his union with others, and for discovery of the upper force through this unity.

In those days it was considered to be an absolutely practical science, a science for discovery of the upper force of nature. And in our day we are also returning to the same attitude toward the wisdom of Kabbalah. If so, it is possible to say that Babylonian civilization also developed the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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