Two Angels Accompany Humanity

631.1Once man comes to his Egypt, over time he acquires greater and greater desire to receive there. At first, he accepts this desire with joy. He feels good about the fact that he is developing, getting richer, and understanding the world.

This is how our entire world has been developing until recently. But we suddenly discover that all our achievements are not good for us. In fact, we have built a prison for ourselves, real slavery that we cannot escape from. Egoism is burying us, binding us hand and foot. Even though we have done so many seemingly good things for ourselves, they suddenly start to overpower us and control us.

First, I work in order to acquire things, and then I have to continue and continue to work in order to maintain my acquisitions, develop, and improve them. I am working harder and harder to pay for a bigger house, a car, a better school for the kids, and a lot of other things.

A person sees that he is in slavery. Previously, he thought that he was arranging life for his own benefit. Now it turns out that he cannot rest and enjoy life. He is working more and more. His wife is working now too, and they still cannot get out of debt. This is real slavery, which has no end in sight.

In addition, the coronavirus pandemic happened, and who knows how many more such blows are awaiting us ahead. We are beginning to realize that we have built a life that is no good. Yet, there is a positive aspect in this because it is now that the wisdom of Kabbalah can be revealed and people are able to listen to it. And this is why it is being revealed.

Then these two forces that appear in nature: the Pharaoh on one hand and the Creator on the other, help us advance to the end of correction, “…the two angels that accompany one on the eve of Shabbat [Sabbath]…”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/21, “Pesach “(Passover)

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