Escaping Egoism

232.01Question: On one hand, the Creator was hardening the heart of the Pharaoh, and on the other hand, He was giving him constant blows. The last two blows are the Egyptian darkness and the slaying of the firstborn. What do these states symbolize?

Answer: Egyptian darkness symbolizes absolute evil and absolute emptiness revealed as a result of using the quality of egoism—reception for one’s own sake. You cannot achieve anything with it. Through revealing your ego, you understand that you are in Egypt.

The death of the firstborn means that all your deeds lead you to death. You see that there is no point in starting and doing anything as long as you are in Egypt.

Question: That is, the firstborn (Ben) always symbolizes the next state of man.

In addition to the fact that I feel darkness in my present state, I do not see any pleasure, I do not see anything in the future. If I remain in egoism, I have no future. Is this the state that nature is supposed to bring us to? Only then will we want to leave Egypt? Does a person consciously participate in this or is he forced by nature?

Answer: A person comes to Pharaoh together with the Creator and participates in the ten blows of the plagues. He sees how egoism suffers and begins to move further and further away from it. That is, he no longer attributes the suffering to himself but to the ego that is still inside him.

Gradually, he begins to understand that he needs to get rid of egoism, but he sees that there is no way to destroy it, and all that remains is to simply run away.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/26/21

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