Did Humanity Ever Know Truth?

231.01Comment: We have now entered the era of post-truth, an era of disbelief, although this is not such a new phenomenon. Throughout human development, stories of entire nations have been invented.

Society first devours some kind of fictional story, and later it turns out that nothing was like that at all. And a person, not knowing whom to believe, stops believing anyone. He sees some kind of evolution of humanity, but he cannot grasp where the truth is.

My Response: He cannot grasp it because humanity has never been at the level of truth. Our primordial nature is egoism, which completely distorts the whole picture: both our inner and the surrounding world. Therefore, we have never known the truth.

The truth was only in the Jewish people for a short period of time, from the exodus of Egypt and the formation of the First Temple until the Babylonian captivity. Then they saw themselves and the world around them in their true form.

And then there was a gradual decline in the level of truth, which continued until the collapse of the Second Temple. And that was it, this level completely disappeared.

The true world is the force of good, which in fact controls the world and fills the entire space around us, and inside this force of good, we represent the egoistic forces opposite to it, and we see the whole world through its properties.

Therefore, it cannot be said that humanity once knew the truth. It was never there except for a very short period of time. Since then, the whole truth has been practically buried.

Those people who really want to get to it should take Kabbalistic books and, by seriously studying, begin to work on themselves according to this method, which will correct their egoistic properties into altruistic ones.

Only when they really come to the state of “Love your neighbor as yourself” will they be able to see the real picture of the entire universe and the positive force, the Creator, who controls this picture. Before that, everything is absolutely useless.

Therefore, science is today moving more toward the center, toward the realization that we are so wrong. But I cannot offer them anything except to study Kabbalah and learn the truth.

And the conclusions of scientists about the egoistic nature of man are correct. But they have no means to fix it, to rise above it. As long as we are in our egoistic properties, we will alter all our best impulses scientific, cultural, and other achievements to our detriment.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the 21st century. Introduction” 4/24/19

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