A Long-Awaited Journey

709Question: Airbnb, a company that books accommodations around the world, has published a report with forecasts for the travel market for 2021. They believe that business travel will not return. Also people will often travel by car and not far from home. Fifty-two percent would prefer to leave their phones at home. Tourists do not want to spend time on photos and posting them on social networks, they are not interested in it and, also, so that no-one would connect with them.

At the same time, the majority of tourists are ready for new trips again, and 54% have either already booked tickets or are planning a tour today.

The first question is this: how can the desire to travel even if you are threatened with infection be explained? Haven’t we learned the lessons of the coronavirus?

Answer: The fact is that we do not live simply because we exist like cats that lie in the sun and bask. We still live by fulfillment.

And then I buy a ticket to somewhere, maybe not far away, but abroad, where something is new, different, and I have a different feeling, and I’m traveling.

Question: And no coronavirus can stop it? Does it live in a person?

Answer: It lives in the person. I think people will start traveling after all. It will be possible to travel to certain countries, and maybe to all of them. And they will come out of this state.

Without travel, there is no way to get any renewal. When you get into an unfamiliar environment, you become a child. And this state of carelessness, surprise, and discovery is very important for a person. Moreover, if he is already in old age (old like a young child), then it is very important for him, it’s renewing.

Question: Are you like a child when you travel?

Answer: Sure. Today we will go there, then we will go here and do something else! This childishness that wakes up in us, some kind of carefree feeling, is precisely what attracts us.

Question: But if we can travel to our inner world, will we see a bright world there?

Answer: In this we will see everything! We will see the most important thing: The cause and effect of everything that happens. I am a great optimist. It will happen and it will happen very quickly, and I will see it together with all of humanity.

We will come to discover the full depth of nature in its true form. We will see all the causes and effects, everything that happens, everything that we produce in nature, what reactions we awaken and why. In general, we will see everything in front of us, all the worlds—huge, huge, and all this will be in our attainment.

This is precisely the inner fulfillment of a person, above this there is nothing, there is nothing more complete than this, and this captures a person so much that he no longer needs anything. This is not a restriction or a stop on the way, it it is really for all that a person is created.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/8/21

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