Willingness To Leave Egypt

592.04Question: The Creator brings ten blows to Egypt. What are all these ten plagues?

Answer: I do not think that this can be easily explained because we do not understand what the egoistic qualities revealed in a person are, and accordingly, what the altruistic qualities are.

Question: For example, what is Egyptian darkness?

Answer: A person sees that there is nothing but darkness in front of him in his as-yet-uncorrected egoistic qualities, but he is ready for this and goes forward. For him, spiritual darkness is more precious than egoistic light. He agrees to go with his eyes closed.

Question: When all the firstborn children of Egypt were killed, does it mean that a person feels that he does not see a glimpse of light in his future?

Answer: He has no connection with Egypt any more. Nothing can grow there. And then he is ready to leave Egypt.

Question: Does he make his own decision?

Answer: Yes.

Question: On one hand, I have to make my own decision, and on the other hand, I am in the ten. Are we making this decision together?

Answer: Together, all work is in the ten but on different levels. Of course, we are still in the ego, the uncorrected level. But within our egoism, the corresponding decisions above it are already being made.

Question: So all these blows are not received in my ego, but we seemingly all together receive them in our common ego?

Answer: Yes. The ten is considered one common whole, and that is why it is called “nation.”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/15/19

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