“Thou Shalt Not Kill”

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13), means that we can cut off the Light that comes to us from Above, the Light of life, or the Light of correction that guides us toward equivalence of form with the Creator. I can stop receiving it and extinguish it, and ignite the egoistic desire inside me.

The moment the egoistic desire appears inside us, the Light immediately disappears. It feels this desire in advance since there are Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut between it and the egoistic desire. Malchut is the last desire, and Keter is the first desire. The Light that is still in Keter feels that it mustn’t come to Malchut. It is a paradox: The moment that I do something corrupted the Light immediately knows that and doesn’t arrive.

My wrong movement is immediately felt in Keter since there is an opposite mutual connection between Keter and Malchut. The moment I do something in Malchut, Keter immediately feels my intention and the Light leaves it.

Question: I am a desire and one way or another, I follow pleasure. So, what happens to me?

Answer: You are killing your soul since you want to receive the pleasure for yourself! The Light enters only according to the equivalence of form while you perform an action that is opposite to it, so it immediately disappears.

Question: I would like to comment that all revolutions start from the romantic level. Now, we shall establish a just society and later it leads to bloodshed, killing, imprisonment, and so on.

Answer: Yes, we see the same thing in technological advancement and in changing different formations. Every system—capitalist, egoist, Nazi—begins from romantic elements since people are driven by an idea of proving, showing, fulfilling, and enjoying what they create. During the first phase, this idea receives the support of the Light since otherwise it cannot be fulfilled. However, the moment the ego and commercialism join the game, the Light disappears, and everything moves toward collapse! It may take two centuries but the collapse inevitably will come.

Question: What should we do so that there would be no collapse? Can we make a preliminary covenant so that the romantic levels will develop into upper phases?

Answer: In order to do that, you should know how to sustain yourself in this romantic mode, which means that the upper spiritual level should constantly draw you above the corporeal level.

However, the corporeal pleasures will draw you more strongly as you advance. You will begin to feel such pleasures that it is impossible to imagine. You will have to constantly prefer your spiritual growth on top of what is revealed to you here.

Question: Can I be aware of it in advance? Can I sign some kind of an agreement that I will not be left alone, that I will be warned and reminded of it?

Answer: Only if you tie yourself to the right environment and invest all your powers in it, which is what people who started revolutions did. They were ready to give everything for their friends so they succeeded.

However, the moment the connection between them was broken and they began to split things up—you will be this minister and I will be that minister—everything came to an end. The ego came in and the “circle” disappeared and so did the equality.

In order to avoid that, we must establish the right environment together with the Creator so that it will be sustainable, from it, through the general society, until the very center.

This invisible force, the Creator, must constantly sustain us. Then, you also become invisible and disappear into this system. Otherwise, nothing will happen! You must disappear inside it by yourself, without any self-profit, and then you will acquire a different world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/13

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