Do Not Break The Ties With The Creator

947Question: What is the difference between demanding to feel “There is none else besides Him” by myself and when I demand this with the friends?

Answer: I demand from the Creator to feel Him as my source, as “There is none else besides Him,” and I constantly bring myself back to this.

The moment I come into contact with the Creator and say that it is He who expresses His feeling and His thought inside of me, I receive the feeling and the thought as my own. But the moment I understand this and register it on my account inside me, the connection with the Creator is immediately broken and the next moment comes along.

This is the reason that I have to do the same thing every single moment, and thus, gradually, return to the Creator in order to re-attain the state in which He is always my source in every way.

If I do it through the group, my efforts are a little different. They are related to the creation of a common vessel in which we want to reveal the Creator so that He will be revealed to us and we will really be able to attain His greatness.

But we reveal His greatness above our differences. To the extent that we feel distant from each other and that we have different conflicts and problems between us, we feel the Creator’s height and His ascent above these problems in His revelation.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/11/19

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