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The Great Plot Of The Screenwriter

584.01Comment: Hollywood screenwriters were asked, “If 2020 was the last episode of a TV series, what would you say? How would you end it?”

By the way, they really disappointed me. I read two pages of answers. First, they criticised the screenwriter, saying, “It was all written by some crazy screenwriter.”

My Response: Not according to their reason. This is clear.

Comment: Yes, not according to their reason. Then they said, “This screenwriter is too tough on the turns.” Even for Hollywood!

My Response: This is surprising.

Comment: They went on to say that he was not acting like a screenwriter at all. That is, suddenly something happened and it is necessary to resolve this story somehow, and he does not, he gives the next one, even higher.

My Response: This is what Kabbalah says.

Comment: Then He does not resolve it as well: no happy ending, nothing happens, and then gives another story. People forget about the previous one, they are already sitting on the next one: America, Europe, murder, and coronavirus, whatever you want. That is, he does what he wants in 2020.

My Response: To us with our short mind it is not clear what connection exists between these phenomena. The plot of this screenwriter is not clear to us.

Question: Is there a clear connection?

Answer: Very clear, the laws of the universe.

Comment: When they came to the end, they offered these endings: It was just a dream, one, two, three, and we woke up.

My Response: This is a good ending to the movie.

Comment: Indeed. Then the camera pulls away and reveals that the whole drama is a figment of the imagination of an autistic child.

My Response: This is good too.

Question: And then a primitive one: killer hornets appear, aliens arrive, and fires come from all over.
Can you tell us what the plot of this screenwriter is?

Answer: I believe that he educates us, knocks all our previous approaches to the development of the world, of ourselves, out of us. Rips the ground out from under our feet so that we could, precisely being absolutely at loss, lose our previous focus, that is, when we were focused on something and tried not to lose where the start and the end were and how they are connected and so forth, being in such prostration that we’d begin to see through this new picture.

It is through this that we will begin to see: “So this is where it all grows from, this is why this appeared in such a way!”

Question: Do our previous brains need to be knocked out?

Answer: Of course. Look what the coronavirus is doing!

Question: Yes. This is 100%. What do we start to see then? Toward the end of the series.

Answer: We do not see this yet, but we will see the plot of this screenwriter. We will see his great plan, how he teaches us, how he guides us through all the states, so that we understand what he is planning, and that before the end of this whole film we would want what he has planned.

Question: This is what is called “suspense,” anxious waiting. What does he expect?

Answer: He expects us to want, to anticipate what he has in store for us.

Question: What does he have in store for us?

Answer: I cannot say that.

Comment: This is the main question, that was asked!

My Response: No. This is eating at us. This should be stifling us, squishing us! We have to agree to everything. We have to be in such a state that everything that the screenwriter does, everything that he unfolds in front of us, will be the best, good state. We should abandon all our criticism, all our hopes, everything! Just give ourselves completely to him and his script.

We just want to follow this current that leads us to him. Exactly to him! To the fact that we fully agree with him initially. Without understanding anything, without being aware of anything, we only want to be in contact, in connection, in complete connection with him so that I do not have anything of my own left in my head or in my heart.

Question: This is called “the ending they could not have foreseen.” That is, whatever happens, let it happen, if it is from you. Is this the state we should come to?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What will the ending be then?

Answer: It does not matter what it will be. The main thing is that it comes from this upper single force.
This is what He does to us, He gradually knocks all of our former small egoistic foundations, clues, and ideas  out of us.

Question: Should I feel: I am completely relying on you, am grateful to you?

Answer: Let go of this whole life completely. Swim with it the way the great screenwriter unfolds it in front of you.

Question: Is this the advice? Let go?

Answer: Of course. There is nothing else left to do. He will do this anyway. So another year, or another two years, we are not getting out of this tomorrow.

Question: Does he knock out everything that we thought we could do, even this state “in our power”?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Nothing is in our power! This is astonishing!

My Response: This is beautiful! There can be nothing else! People on the Earth are poking around, everyone wants to build some future in their own way, to convince others that they are right. And in the end, the upper force laughs at everyone and gradually does what it should do. It educates all of us to reveal the petty egoism, this bourgeois, narrow attitude to everything, so that we reveal ourselves in full faith in everything that should come only from Him.

Question: Will we, people, humans, at least get a little closer to each other along the way?

Answer: The problem here is the number and quality of blows that we will have to survive. We have to agree with His script, with His ending, with the fact that we still have to get close enough to feel each other. Each one needs to feel everyone!

I change within myself in such a way that whether I want to or not, I feel absolutely everyone. I cannot cut this off! I cannot get out of this! I am just created this way! It is like, let’s say, you wake up and you have this. All of it!

That is, you feel absolutely the entire universe, which is connected with you rigidly, tightly. Everything that happens is all in you. You are connected to it to such an extent.

Question: Do I feel all the pain, suffering, happiness, and misery—absolutely everything?

Answer: Absolutely everything!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/5/20

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Everything Can Be Corrected

571.03Question: What action that someone would commit would make you never want to be near that person?

Answer: I don’t think this can be. You can always come to some kind of understanding and some solution in order to fix everything. There are no incorrigible things in the world.

Question: Even betrayal?

Answer: None! Everything is fixable. So it is said: “The angel of death will become the angel of life,” eternal life.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/30/20

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The Creator, Tolerance, And The Red Button

628.2Comment: The international day of tolerance was celebrated on November 16th in a world where we practically see no tolerance. Patience has run out.

In America, Europe, and Asia, whatever we may call it, there is no tolerance. Look at what is happening in Ethiopia, in Belarus. Anywhere you look.

My Response: The world is now entering a very serious peak, a fall.

Question: What does the term “tolerance” mean to you?

Answer: Tolerance is a very useful word, a very good method if we know how to apply it, if we have the right attitude toward each other, that the world exists for everyone equally and in equal measure so that we do not favor anyone over anyone else. This must be taught, we are not born this way.

The Creator made everyone different. And we must make ourselves equal. Therefore, here we must go against nature, against the Creator. And think seriously about what we are actually doing to ourselves.

Comment: You said that we must go against the Creator. The Creator has created us in such a way that there is no patience, no tolerance, but you tell us that we must resist this, saying: “We want to be patient.”

My Response: Of course! The Creator Himself says: “I created the evil inclination. And you have to correct it.”

Question: And how do we do it?

Answer: Ask the Creator for another force, the force of tolerance, the power of unity and connection, of patience and understanding of others as an integral part of oneself.

Question: At what point do I request this?

Answer: When I see that it destroys everything, including myself, and I do not agree to it! When one understands that to turn his back on the world whatever happens, letting it all collapse, taking him down with it is the easiest solution.

It is much harder to live, to correct yourself, to correct the world, and so on every day.

Comment: You are giving humanity a job it does not want to do.

My Response: That is what education is all about—what we should bring to a person who agrees to self-destruct: “Press the button, and in a moment there will be nothing left.” This is too easy.

But no, I have to think about how to pull everyone out of this swamp of worthlessness, insignificance, intolerance. I must pull everyone up to raise their heads, open their eyes, and start looking at the world in a new way.

Question: Do I know where I am taking them?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What is it like, this better world?

Answer: Thinking good about each other. Nothing more. And we instantly attract the good force of nature, which we have never felt before. Instead of the evil force that still governs us today, we will feel a different, good force.

We are only required to want to be under the power of this force.

Comment: At what point do I want to be under the power of this force and start changing anything? After all, if everything is my evil inclination, for such is my nature, it will only come back to haunt me.

Let’s say I do something bad to someone, send some negative thoughts, and it comes back to me ten times worse. Then I could understand you. Then I would stop and think: “Wow, I thought poorly of him and it all blew up in my face.” This I can understand if the Creator would make it so that it would come back tenfold like a boomerang.

My Response: Then you would be an animal! You would not do anything wrong, but you would not have freewill, which lies exactly between good and bad actions.

Question: Yes, I would follow the stick. If the stick hits me, I know how to get away from it. Is it wrong?

Answer: By doing so, you would turn a human being into a robot, which is completely against the Creator’s intention.

Question: But if it doesn’t come back to me like a boomeranging, if I get richer and richer by suppressing others, as it happens, how will this thought occur?

Answer: Circumstances will bring you there.

Question: Suffering?

Answer: Yes. Good thoughts are not triggered by good life.

Question: Where is the education you always keep talking about?

Answer: No one has any.

Question: So who will introduce it?

Answer: I believe only the Kabbalists can. They must show the world the right sources. And the world is slowly coming to this.

Question: Do you think that sooner or later people will come to the Kabbalists and ask for this educational instruction?

Answer: Yes, to teach them this methodology.

Question: So, after all the attempts to arrange something in this world with the help of the laws of our world, humanity will understand that this is impossible and that other rules are needed?

Answer: Yes. I hope it will happen a bit sooner than them pressing the red button.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/16/20

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How Does The Need To Know The Meaning Of Life Arise?

232.01Question: At the moment, there is no consensus among scientists on the concept of “life.” There are only some criteria that it meets. First, life is always a well-ordered organization, a highly organized structure. Second, metabolism or the presence of energy maintains this order. Third, growth, the ability to develop, to go from state to state, to adapt and to react to some external impacts is present. Fourth is reproduction and the presence of some permanent information component. And another criterion says that the period from birth to death can be called life.

But all these criteria, which determine life as such, must have some purpose. However, a person does not feel the purpose of life. How does one get to it?

Answer: The question is whether one needs this purpose. After all, in those parameters that you listed, there is no need for any higher purpose. From “A” to “Z,” they are within the boundaries of our material life, what we focus on, what guides us, what we strive for. These are the usual egoistic problems that we face, which we try to solve in order to feel as comfortable as possible at every moment of our animal existence. This is the meaning of life of the human physical body.

Question: Why is the need to know the meaning of life hidden from a person?

Answer: Because it is not given to us explicitly. The manifestation of such a question in a person depends on the lack of a sense of the meaning of life. And he does not seek it within the framework of our world: profession, wealth, fame, knowledge, and so on. He is not interested in this, but in the higher content, which is beyond the scope of our life, outside of what he can comprehend here.

He needs something above this world. He is not interested in fame or wealth or even knowledge, nothing! He wants to get in touch with which is beyond life and death. At the same time, he is not afraid of death, he needs a connection with the upper root. After he finds out for himself that this is the stage of existence that attracts him, then, of course, there is nothing for him to do in our world.

Then he must reach connection with the upper root. There are people who look for it in religions, in science, in something else, and can’t find it.

In my eyes, only Kabbalah studies this. It gives a person such a development that he begins to feel the upper world, the meaning of his existence, even while living in this world. But to do this, he must change his nature from egoistic receiving to altruistic giving. Altruism, not in the definitions of our world, but above what we exist in today.

In principle, Kabbalah says that the whole world, all of humanity, will inevitably come to this state. But when is a matter of time.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/7/20

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From Personal Attainment To Global Connection

239Question: Does each person have their own Creator?

Answer: Yes, each of us feels the Creator in our own way and attains Him individually. Then, connection takes place and we come to a state in which we have one Creator. The meaning and purpose of creation is for us to connect.

The Creator leads us through identical paths. In front of me are several hundred students to whom I speak about what we should now study and attain within ourselves. Each of them feels this in their senses as well as above them. That is, in each person, individual attainment of the Creator takes place. Then, gradually this adds up to tens, hundreds, and thousands.

Question: This is like how in our world, if we say, “This is a table,” we have a common understanding that it is a table. Is it the same with the Creator?

Answer: It’s the same thing. Therefore, I speak in general terms, but everyone still attains individually within themselves.

Then, this individuality disappears because we begin to connect with each other through a single source. If we did not have one source for all of us, we would not be able to connect at all.

Therefore, today, in our world, when people already have to connect in order to fulfill the program of creation or be saved from problems, the only salvation is for them to strive for the Creator and connect through Him.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/11/19

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The Distant Star “Love Your Neighbor”

934Question: The most basic law and source of all moral principles is “love your neighbor.” What can be done so that it does not remain a cliché or at an altitude of ten thousand meters?

Answer: Every day we must feel that we are approaching this principle. Even if it is still millions of kilometers away from us, we are nevertheless directed at it and today we are taking another step toward it. This is the meaning of the day that passed.

Question: How exactly can I see if I have made any progress toward this?

Answer: If you are in a circle that observes this principle, then you measure the distance to this distant star not from where you are but by how you are getting closer to one another in the circle, in the ten.

Therefore, you already have a certain opportunity to measure the realization of the principle “love your neighbor as yourself.”
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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Endless Pleasure

226The Creator is the absolute. He wants to express Himself. He has no other means but to show His love and express Himself in bestowal and love. Therefore, He created the creature to which He can give everything.

But the desire that arises in the created beings is limited; it cannot receive everything and enjoy the love of the Creator. That is the problem. Ultimately, as soon as the creation begins to accept the attitude of the Creator and fill itself with pleasure, the desire gradually dries up.

This usually happens during meals: the more I eat, the less appetite and feeling of pleasure I have from eating. My desire decreases to the point that I no longer want to eat, I push the food away and even feel repulsion toward it.

How can the Creator make the pleasure in His creation endless? This is His task.

And here comes the solution: it needs to be done in a way that the reception in the created being is not for its own sake. That it would enjoy not what it receives from the Creator but the fact that it delights the Creator.

Like a child, for example, when he eats just to satisfy himself, it is one thing, but when he eats for the sake of his mother, it is a completely different kind of pleasure. Then he rises, understands his mother’s attitude toward him, and they both enjoy each other, both are filled with pleasure. This is the purpose of creation.

Therefore, the creation is created in a special way. It goes through a special series of transformations until it is ready to enjoy for the sake of the Creator, just as the Creator enjoys fulfilling the creation. And by this, they become similar, united, and love one another.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah—the Science of Life” 3/1/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/1/21

Preparation to the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic “Annulment and Submission”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Vol. 1, Part 3, Chapter 14, Item 1 

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Lesson on the Topic of “The Law of Love in the System of Adam HaRishon

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Selected Highlights 

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Where Is The Root Of My Soul?

597.02Question: How can a person know where the root of his soul comes from, what part of Adam HaRishon one belongs to? Can I change my place in the general system?

Answer: By no means, it is impossible.

A person can only reveal the root of one’s soul when one attains it or gets close to it. On the whole, one has no need for this because the function of any spiritual root, of every cell, and of every part of what we call the soul, is absolutely identical to all the other parts of the body, which is to receive in order to bestow.

Each one receives from the whole body in order to perform its function and then bestows back to the body. A person draws and conducts all information through oneself, all the energy and all the knowledge, and then gives back to the body. It is actually in this manner that the body is locked in absolute connection with itself and constantly functions.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/25/18

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