How Does The Need To Know The Meaning Of Life Arise?

232.01Question: At the moment, there is no consensus among scientists on the concept of “life.” There are only some criteria that it meets. First, life is always a well-ordered organization, a highly organized structure. Second, metabolism or the presence of energy maintains this order. Third, growth, the ability to develop, to go from state to state, to adapt and to react to some external impacts is present. Fourth is reproduction and the presence of some permanent information component. And another criterion says that the period from birth to death can be called life.

But all these criteria, which determine life as such, must have some purpose. However, a person does not feel the purpose of life. How does one get to it?

Answer: The question is whether one needs this purpose. After all, in those parameters that you listed, there is no need for any higher purpose. From “A” to “Z,” they are within the boundaries of our material life, what we focus on, what guides us, what we strive for. These are the usual egoistic problems that we face, which we try to solve in order to feel as comfortable as possible at every moment of our animal existence. This is the meaning of life of the human physical body.

Question: Why is the need to know the meaning of life hidden from a person?

Answer: Because it is not given to us explicitly. The manifestation of such a question in a person depends on the lack of a sense of the meaning of life. And he does not seek it within the framework of our world: profession, wealth, fame, knowledge, and so on. He is not interested in this, but in the higher content, which is beyond the scope of our life, outside of what he can comprehend here.

He needs something above this world. He is not interested in fame or wealth or even knowledge, nothing! He wants to get in touch with which is beyond life and death. At the same time, he is not afraid of death, he needs a connection with the upper root. After he finds out for himself that this is the stage of existence that attracts him, then, of course, there is nothing for him to do in our world.

Then he must reach connection with the upper root. There are people who look for it in religions, in science, in something else, and can’t find it.

In my eyes, only Kabbalah studies this. It gives a person such a development that he begins to feel the upper world, the meaning of his existence, even while living in this world. But to do this, he must change his nature from egoistic receiving to altruistic giving. Altruism, not in the definitions of our world, but above what we exist in today.

In principle, Kabbalah says that the whole world, all of humanity, will inevitably come to this state. But when is a matter of time.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/7/20

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