From Personal Attainment To Global Connection

239Question: Does each person have their own Creator?

Answer: Yes, each of us feels the Creator in our own way and attains Him individually. Then, connection takes place and we come to a state in which we have one Creator. The meaning and purpose of creation is for us to connect.

The Creator leads us through identical paths. In front of me are several hundred students to whom I speak about what we should now study and attain within ourselves. Each of them feels this in their senses as well as above them. That is, in each person, individual attainment of the Creator takes place. Then, gradually this adds up to tens, hundreds, and thousands.

Question: This is like how in our world, if we say, “This is a table,” we have a common understanding that it is a table. Is it the same with the Creator?

Answer: It’s the same thing. Therefore, I speak in general terms, but everyone still attains individually within themselves.

Then, this individuality disappears because we begin to connect with each other through a single source. If we did not have one source for all of us, we would not be able to connect at all.

Therefore, today, in our world, when people already have to connect in order to fulfill the program of creation or be saved from problems, the only salvation is for them to strive for the Creator and connect through Him.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/11/19

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