Divided Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “600,000 Souls”: In reality nothing exists in the world besides one single soul, which is divided by man’s egoism into 600,000 parts and a multitude of spiritual sparks.

A unified soul was created, and nothing else. Only it exists, and we are always inside of it. And if it seems to us that this is not so, that is because we are flawed. To me the general vessel divides into my “self” and “others” instead of appearing to me as an integral whole where there is only “we”. And all of my work amounts to correcting my own perception.

Until now I was in a world whose parts seemed disconnected and void of interconnection. That is how I am built on the inside. That is how it was always comfortable for me to see the outer world, and I was on good terms with it. However, today the world on the outside is taking on different forms: it turns out that the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature are tightly interconnected. True, this is not so important to me, yet ecology also matters since my ill-considered actions evoke unpleasant changes in natural phenomena.

But most important is that human society itself is becoming a single “mechanism” to me. Stated differently, the world today is being expressed as a single soul, a single vessel, while I do not wish to recognize that unity. I see that I involuntarily enter the world, that reality literally “pushes” me inside, although this is against my wishes. I want to remain an egoist, but the reality of the single soul is being revealed to me.

Thus, the picture of the broken world is only being depicted in the “curved mirror” of the flawed human consciousness. The faster we understand this and correct our perception, the faster we will achieve success.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/12, “600 souls”

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  1. Not a thing that happens, is outside of, or apart from, the one force that moves everything. Everything that happens, is a true event.

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