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How To Stop Time

928Comment: Paris hotels are empty. There is a pandemic and no tourists. The Hotel Avenir Montmartre, which is in a good location with a view of the Eiffel Tower, let the homeless in.

The hotel management gave rooms to a homeless charity and provided shelter to people during the year so that they would not freeze on the streets in the cold; they were placed in these rooms. There, they have three meals a day, a warm shower, and a warm toilet.

This charity believes that, in this way, they will be able to make the homeless change their lives.

My Response: No. This is a lifestyle.

Question: To live on the streets?

Answer: Yes! I feel free. I do not owe anything to anyone and no one owes me anything. I do not need anything. I do not want any mutual obligations. I want to feel free.

Question: Is this not a misfortune as we all think?

Answer: This is not a misfortune. It is a feeling of such freedom, such an existence that no one else has.

Comment: I will carefully assume that the homeless are looking at us and saying, “Here are the unfortunate ones! With all their businesses and affairs.”

My Response: Yes. The main thing is that we live in the pursuit of time and they have no time; time has no control over them.

Comment: This is nice. We have a clock ticking all the time, all the time, everything is time, yes. I didn’t have time.

My Response: This is how we subconsciously think that I did not have time to do and what I managed to do.

And here, nothing! Do you understand what happiness is?! For the sake of this feeling of freedom, they are ready to live on the street. A person always chooses egoistically, there is nothing you can do about this. This is our nature. They choose this state. Therefore, they will come, of course, to the hotels, but I do not think there will be very many of them.

I do not think they will use hotels 100%. These are people who, in principle, do not care so much about whether or not they washed themselves and even whether they ate normally or not, as long as this would not affect the sense of their timelessness. We do not even feel how it is possible to exist outside of time, outside of movement. This is actually a spiritual feeling since time is the most important thing we have.

Comment: Yes. These are our fetters. If you go on a little longer, I will drop everything and go out on the street, just like that. There is even some romance in this.

My Response: This is the choice a person has, not because he couldn’t do anything else. This is his choice. I would even say that France has enough funds to look after these clochards [vagrants], not necessarily now, because of the pandemic, but in general, there were all sorts of opportunities.

Yet, they do not leave the streets. They believe that such an existence gives them a sense of freedom. You can say, “But they do not exist as homeless people, they exist as animals.” They live on the street, no matter where, how, or what. That’s right. But, this is their choice.

The most important thing is whether a person controls time or time controls a person, right up to the point of death.

Question: How can we, without going out onto the streets, begin to control time?

Answer: To do this, we must get out of all the restraints that our egoism imposes on us, rise above them, above egoism, and begin to act in a completely different way, not for ourselves, but for others. We have no other choice. Then, you will feel that you are coming out of one captivity and falling into another captivity, into caring for others, but there you will feel free from earthly fetters.

Comment: But, still, looking at the homeless.

My Response: Envy them! On the other hand, we can say that we are now getting closer to them in some ways. The virus makes us stay at home and not rush.

You cannot do anything anyway. Stay at home for a couple of months longer and then you will check to see if you can stick your nose out onto the street or not. If you are not yet above your destiny, then you will stay at home for a couple of months more and so on, until you start to feel that there is no time.

Now, you are still writing in your calendar, another couple of months, another three months, and more. When you stop doing that, you will lose your sense of time. Then, instead of a sense of time, you will have another sense.

You will begin to define this feeling as other space-time relationships and connection between everyone. The past, present, and future will become a movement toward universal connection. Then, you will measure in this way: if there is a connection and it becomes more and more explicit and desirable, then I go forward and I live. If this connection does not manifest in a larger and larger connection between us, then time begins to fly. This is exactly when it flies.

Question: Does this mean that time stops when I find a connection with others, as if I have passed into an almost eternal state?

Answer: Yes. If everything moves, not within me, but between me and others, then time slows down to a standstill.

Comment: Thoughts about others, living for others, I will live like this.

My Response: Yes. Circulation within a closed system will bring this system into a state of absolute rest.

This feeling is the attainment of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/21/20

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How Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Negative Emotions?

528.03Question: How can one get rid of strong negative emotions when experiencing suffering; how can one overcome them and sincerely thank the Creator?

Answer: It is only through connecting with the group. The moment you feel a negative emotion and along with it you want to be alone, withdraw and shrink, you should immediately go to the group, devote yourself to it, and melt into it. This is the best method for getting rid of suffering.

Question: If so, is a person without a group condemned to suffering?

Answer: Without a group a person cannot develop. A person must find a group for oneself, either physical or virtual, because a person must be in connection with other people.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/18/18

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New Life 1292 – How To Reduce Stress And Anxiety?

New Life 1292 – How To Reduce Stress And Anxiety?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

We experience stress and anxiety due to our egoistic attitudes toward others and not because of any external factors at home or work. We think we are stressed due to issues related to money, health, work, and home, all of which have all been exacerbated by Covid in recent months. We resist what is happening and worry and want to control the future so that it will be less uncertain. The truth is that we are not in charge.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that all of these issues come to us from Mother Nature so that we will learn to let go of our belief that we can control the future and instead will attribute the issues we are facing to the benevolent leadership of the upper force.

We need to actively change our approach to the people in our lives so that we will be more friendly with them, in the same way that all of nature’s actions toward us are friendly and good. We need to consciously choose to accept and flow with the providence of the upper force in the same way that the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature do. Like a baby being taken care of by its mother, we need to trust, learn, and grow in her loving arms. In this way we calm down and become partners in a mutual relationship based on love within an integral system.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1292 – How To Reduce Stress And Anxiety?” 27/12/20

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The Deepest Degree Of Knowledge

65Question: The Book of Zohar says that you need to peer into the secrets of your master in order to know yourself. What are these secrets?

Answer: Secrets are what is hidden from me. It will become clear tomorrow. The secrets of nature or the secrets of the Creator are one and the same: that which has not yet been revealed to me.

Question: And what does “peer” mean?

Answer: The most important human sense is his sight. The light of wisdom personifies a look, a vision. This is the deepest degree of knowledge.

Even in court witnesses are asked: “Have you seen?” And if they answer that they only heard, it does not count as evidence.

That is, we understand that vision is our brightest, maximum sensation of the environment.

Question: Does sight mean corporeal sight?

Answer: This also implies inner vision—the vision of wisdom. That is why The Book of Zohar says “to peer.”
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #2

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The Point From Which The Exit From Egoism Begins

567.04Question: What is the exit from Egypt? What is “Egypt” from a spiritual point of view?

Answer: Exiting out of Egypt is coming out of egoism and entering the quality of bestowal, unity and love.

Question: Where does it start from?

Answer: A person begins to feel that he lives aimlessly, no “gods” or beliefs fill him, they do not give him a complete answer to what the meaning of life is, its purpose. He gradually outgrows what he was taught and what the environment teaches itself and holds on to.

He feels that he needs something more: to know why a person lives, for what, and how everything works. It is a question about his existence, which feels completely pointless to him.

Question: Are such desires that develop over the course of evolution called spiritual aspirations?

Answer: This is the initial aspiration.

Question: And then man reveals the only force of nature?

Answer: No. This does not happen immediately. The fact is that he does not even know where or how to look for this force of nature and how it controls a person.

His main task is to find the Creator, because this is the only force that controls everything. And for yourself, and as if against yourself, no matter how, but there is always only one force. To reveal it is the most important thing for a person.

However, a person doesn’t know how to find it. He comes to study in a group and is told that this force is the opposite of egoism. This is the spiritual force that exists now in him in which our whole world was created, and he must get closer to this force of the Creator, the quality of bestowal, love, and connection.

After all, our whole action is to unite us again into one single soul, which has broken into 600,000 parts, and we must unite these small private souls into one single soul.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/15/19

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