The Mythological Language Of The Book Of Zohar

522.03There are texts in The Book of Zohar that seem very strange to an ordinary person. Therefore, to introduce a person into them, to explain them to him, it will take, perhaps, several years.

It all depends on the qualities and states that one must experience in order to begin to feel them. Just like a small child, you cannot tell about the experiences of an adult, about his art, etc. He will not understand this.

The allegorical, mythological language of The Book of Zohar is very conventional, but accurate. After all, if I know the inner meaning of the concept “crocodile,” then through the image of an earthly crocodile, I see the forces that stand behind it, determine its general background, properties, appearance, character, absolutely everything! I see all spiritual properties in this earthly image, and I deal with them.

Thus, The Book of Zohar tells about our inner properties. Through reading it, I reveal everything in myself. The Garden of Eden is the highest level. The four rivers, the crocodile, the big sea, this is Malchut in which souls exist, and with them I must merge.

That is, this whole picture is in me. Everything exists in the person himself. Even the world that is supposedly around us, in fact, we feel what is inside ourselves. It only seems to us that it is on the outside.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #1

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