Will We Return To This World After Death?

294.2Question: Will a person return to this world after death?

Answer: If we talk only about the animal (physical) body and its life, then this state does not return.

There is no need for it and there is nothing to regret about it. We just need to try to extract the maximum eternal benefit from each state that we go through.

Question: If we do not speak from the point of view of the animal body, but from the point of view of human consciousness, what does life and death look like?

Answer: A person’s consciousness should lead him to a state where he begins to feel the general consciousness, connects to the general cloud of information and fulfillment and stays in it. He will see himself and everything that exists in a single stream of information.

Question: Can a person remember his past incarnations?

Answer: If in order to realize himself, a person needs some new or additional information, then he receives this from being included in this huge cloud, which is called the Creator, nature.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/07/20

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