Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips About Love

961.2Question: What does love of life mean to you?

Answer: Love of life is an opportunity to achieve what I really strive for.

Question: What is eternal love?

Answer: Eternal love is a state of absolute fulfillment, which does not entail any opportunities to add something.

Question: What is absolute love?

Answer: The same.

Question: First love?

Answer: It is just a youthful hobby that lyricists invented.

Question: Love without borders?

Answer: Here we mean, probably, eternal, perfect love.

Question: Love for the family?

Answer: This kind of love arises because there are people I must take care of.

Question: What does love of friends mean to you?

Answer: Friends, comrades, this is the small circle of people with whom I wish to climb to the top of life.

Question: Love for the teacher?

Answer: A teacher is a guide that shows me how to develop my soul and make myself immortal.

Question: Love for your neighbor?

Answer: All people on Earth are neighbors. They are parts of our common soul—Adam.

Question: Love for yourself?

Answer: Self-love is selfish love over which one must rise as quickly as possible.

Question: Love for the Creator, what is it?

Answer: Love for the Creator is love for the entire universe, which is permeated with the property of reciprocity and convergence.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/23/20

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