Is There Life After Death?

Laitman_506.3Question: Is there life after death?

Answer: It is precisely after death that there is life. And until we free ourselves from our egoism, there is no life. We feel our existence inside the ego, and it is petty, very mean, and very limited.

As soon as we get rid of egoism, even with the help of the death of our physical body, despite the fact that this is a very small redemption and a very small level of ascent, it still brings us liberation from the first egoistic level. We are beginning to understand that, in fact, nature and the world exist in a different dimension, above egoism.

Question: People living in their circle do not have time to think about anything more than that because they need to feed themselves and their families. Therefore, probably, egoism eats up humanity nowadays. How can we get out of this little circle?

Answer: This must be explained, this must be taught. It is for this purpose that I created a Kabbalah academy that operates in practically all languages ​​of the world, on all continents, and includes several million students. We conduct lessons and lectures, meet each other, and organize international conferences and other events.

But the current virus, this last system of perception of nature, which is now gradually entering our consciousness, pushes a person to realize where he lives, why he exists. And here he has no way out.

In either the good or the evil way, we will have to understand the full picture of integral nature and how to exist in it. We must get to the right integral interaction with it. We ourselves must become integral.
From KabTv’s “Meetings with Kabbalah: Victoria Bonya,” 3/29/20

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