The Deepest Degree Of Knowledge

65Question: The Book of Zohar says that you need to peer into the secrets of your master in order to know yourself. What are these secrets?

Answer: Secrets are what is hidden from me. It will become clear tomorrow. The secrets of nature or the secrets of the Creator are one and the same: that which has not yet been revealed to me.

Question: And what does “peer” mean?

Answer: The most important human sense is his sight. The light of wisdom personifies a look, a vision. This is the deepest degree of knowledge.

Even in court witnesses are asked: “Have you seen?” And if they answer that they only heard, it does not count as evidence.

That is, we understand that vision is our brightest, maximum sensation of the environment.

Question: Does sight mean corporeal sight?

Answer: This also implies inner vision—the vision of wisdom. That is why The Book of Zohar says “to peer.”
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #2

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