The Creator, Tolerance, And The Red Button

628.2Comment: The international day of tolerance was celebrated on November 16th in a world where we practically see no tolerance. Patience has run out.

In America, Europe, and Asia, whatever we may call it, there is no tolerance. Look at what is happening in Ethiopia, in Belarus. Anywhere you look.

My Response: The world is now entering a very serious peak, a fall.

Question: What does the term “tolerance” mean to you?

Answer: Tolerance is a very useful word, a very good method if we know how to apply it, if we have the right attitude toward each other, that the world exists for everyone equally and in equal measure so that we do not favor anyone over anyone else. This must be taught, we are not born this way.

The Creator made everyone different. And we must make ourselves equal. Therefore, here we must go against nature, against the Creator. And think seriously about what we are actually doing to ourselves.

Comment: You said that we must go against the Creator. The Creator has created us in such a way that there is no patience, no tolerance, but you tell us that we must resist this, saying: “We want to be patient.”

My Response: Of course! The Creator Himself says: “I created the evil inclination. And you have to correct it.”

Question: And how do we do it?

Answer: Ask the Creator for another force, the force of tolerance, the power of unity and connection, of patience and understanding of others as an integral part of oneself.

Question: At what point do I request this?

Answer: When I see that it destroys everything, including myself, and I do not agree to it! When one understands that to turn his back on the world whatever happens, letting it all collapse, taking him down with it is the easiest solution.

It is much harder to live, to correct yourself, to correct the world, and so on every day.

Comment: You are giving humanity a job it does not want to do.

My Response: That is what education is all about—what we should bring to a person who agrees to self-destruct: “Press the button, and in a moment there will be nothing left.” This is too easy.

But no, I have to think about how to pull everyone out of this swamp of worthlessness, insignificance, intolerance. I must pull everyone up to raise their heads, open their eyes, and start looking at the world in a new way.

Question: Do I know where I am taking them?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What is it like, this better world?

Answer: Thinking good about each other. Nothing more. And we instantly attract the good force of nature, which we have never felt before. Instead of the evil force that still governs us today, we will feel a different, good force.

We are only required to want to be under the power of this force.

Comment: At what point do I want to be under the power of this force and start changing anything? After all, if everything is my evil inclination, for such is my nature, it will only come back to haunt me.

Let’s say I do something bad to someone, send some negative thoughts, and it comes back to me ten times worse. Then I could understand you. Then I would stop and think: “Wow, I thought poorly of him and it all blew up in my face.” This I can understand if the Creator would make it so that it would come back tenfold like a boomerang.

My Response: Then you would be an animal! You would not do anything wrong, but you would not have freewill, which lies exactly between good and bad actions.

Question: Yes, I would follow the stick. If the stick hits me, I know how to get away from it. Is it wrong?

Answer: By doing so, you would turn a human being into a robot, which is completely against the Creator’s intention.

Question: But if it doesn’t come back to me like a boomeranging, if I get richer and richer by suppressing others, as it happens, how will this thought occur?

Answer: Circumstances will bring you there.

Question: Suffering?

Answer: Yes. Good thoughts are not triggered by good life.

Question: Where is the education you always keep talking about?

Answer: No one has any.

Question: So who will introduce it?

Answer: I believe only the Kabbalists can. They must show the world the right sources. And the world is slowly coming to this.

Question: Do you think that sooner or later people will come to the Kabbalists and ask for this educational instruction?

Answer: Yes, to teach them this methodology.

Question: So, after all the attempts to arrange something in this world with the help of the laws of our world, humanity will understand that this is impossible and that other rules are needed?

Answer: Yes. I hope it will happen a bit sooner than them pressing the red button.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/16/20

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