Endless Pleasure

226The Creator is the absolute. He wants to express Himself. He has no other means but to show His love and express Himself in bestowal and love. Therefore, He created the creature to which He can give everything.

But the desire that arises in the created beings is limited; it cannot receive everything and enjoy the love of the Creator. That is the problem. Ultimately, as soon as the creation begins to accept the attitude of the Creator and fill itself with pleasure, the desire gradually dries up.

This usually happens during meals: the more I eat, the less appetite and feeling of pleasure I have from eating. My desire decreases to the point that I no longer want to eat, I push the food away and even feel repulsion toward it.

How can the Creator make the pleasure in His creation endless? This is His task.

And here comes the solution: it needs to be done in a way that the reception in the created being is not for its own sake. That it would enjoy not what it receives from the Creator but the fact that it delights the Creator.

Like a child, for example, when he eats just to satisfy himself, it is one thing, but when he eats for the sake of his mother, it is a completely different kind of pleasure. Then he rises, understands his mother’s attitude toward him, and they both enjoy each other, both are filled with pleasure. This is the purpose of creation.

Therefore, the creation is created in a special way. It goes through a special series of transformations until it is ready to enjoy for the sake of the Creator, just as the Creator enjoys fulfilling the creation. And by this, they become similar, united, and love one another.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah—the Science of Life” 3/1/18

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