The Assemblage Stage

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur goal is to return to the Creator. Everything is already “set for the feast,” but first we have to examine our path in order to find all the available means and understand how to use them correctly.

It is a given that there is nothing new neither in us, nor in the means that are prepared for our path, nor in the processes and phenomena that we will undergo during our ascent, or in their results. Our work is merely an analysis, discernment of the available means and a correct assemblage. It is as if we were given a broken device, and now we have to figure out what it should be like once repaired, and what is the order in which its parts must be assembled.

The wisdom necessary for this assembly also comes to us from the Creator. There is nothing new that can appear within us, as it is said: “There is nothing new under the sun.” All information comes to us from Above, and only one thing depends on us: to wish to carry out the correction process, which means to assemble all elements of creation.

Nothing is created accidentally or is designed to harm; everything has its place. Our only job is to connect all the elements in complete harmony, which is what we still need to learn. As a result, we gain something new: knowledge, attainment, perfection, the attitude of the “Good Who does good,” the Creator’s love towards us, His caring.

In the end, we become aware of our attainment, revelation. And all the steps on the path to this point are regarded as the stages of revelation of the upper governance, the Creator’s relationship with us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/13/2011, ““What is the Prohibition to Bless On An Empty Table in the Work”

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