First Educate Yourself, Then Others

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you work with a child correctly when he has an outburst of petulance and anger?

Answer: The best method is to film the situation and bring it up for a discussion. It is useful for a person, both for an adult and a child, to see himself from aside. When he looks at his behavior as a spectator from the outside, he quickly learns and draws conclusions. He has to understand that the world is relative, and that from the outside it looks different than from the inside.

Taking part in discussions carried out in a calm environment, the child gradually learns to control himself by balancing out extreme states. The impression he received stays in him, and the next time he will get angry at it instead. Gradually, the impressions from such examples will be accumulated and will make him hate the outbursts of anger in himself.

Question: Which field of professional activity should we direct our children toward?

Answer: Since we are an educational organization, education is our main goal. That is why both in the army, in college, and at the university, it is preferable for our children to choose professions related to education. Going through various states, our children learn themselves and become better at mutual education. The fundamentals are instilled in them and they can become highly successful in various fields of education. They can be teachers, instructors, and lecturers. Humanity needs them, and in huge amounts.

These professions are also preferable because all other fields of activities are artificial and require constant study; the person needs to work on improving his external skills. However, in education, his Kli (vessel) is always with him since he advances in his inner work all the time. That is why education is the closest profession to us.
From the Talk on Education 1/7/2011

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