Coming Out Of The Dead-End Of Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we come out into the external world, we discover the general force that includes both bestowal and reception. It is the source of everything taking place and it fills everything. It is the force of reason, thought, and plan; the general force of Nature.

We call it “the Creator” because we discover that in relation to us it is the creator. However, we are still talking about an all-inclusive force, which includes all other forces.

By studying it, we study its constituent parts—the laws of Nature, spiritual laws of the nature of bestowal which are above our regular, earthly state. At the same time we begin to understand how our earthly being is built, seeing the source of the laws operating in our world.

As a result, a person understands why he exists and how to come out of different situations that he has gotten himself into with his one-sided vision of the world. He starts rebuilding himself and the surrounding society, and it doesn’t happen coercively, but voluntarily. When revealing the true laws of nature, a person naturally acts differently. Coming from the same egoism, he understands that he cannot act otherwise.

Today we automatically act with the greatest self-benefit in mind. And later on we will also automatically act the same way, but with a consideration for the general part: that we depend on each other and are one whole. We will see the entire picture, the entire global, closed system and will therefore act completely differently.

The most important thing is for us to discover this general picture; then we naturally won’t make mistakes. This is what Kabbalah is leading us toward.

To the degree we develop, we gradually reveal our egoistic nature. However, overall we have already assimilated it, having exhausted all the egoistic instruments for attaining the world through science and technology, as well as in the human community and familial relationships. We see that we have reached a dead-end.

That is when a real need for additional knowledge arises. Today we are at the edge, the transition to feeling the next part of the universe. It is already here, between us. Sometimes we call it a different dimension because what matters is how you measure things: When you change your point of view, you see completely different phenomena in the same volume.

That is how we discover a new world.
From the lesson in Moscow on 1/16/11, Writings of Rabash

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