Together Without Any Losses

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the past Kabbalists advanced by a personal path and it was very difficult for them. It even says that a thousand people come to study, but only one of them comes out to the Light. However, in our times, with the help of a properly organized environment we can advance practically without any losses, without losing our friends on the path.

This depends only on whether we will be able to build our common, external desire among us. Therefore, the most important thing is “the prayer of society” where all together we try to unite our desires so they would evoke the influence of the single force that fills space. This force will then be revealed as the force that connects us and exists among us. Revealing this basic, fundamental force of Nature means revealing the Creator because it is primary and we are its products.

How, then, can we elicit the influence of this force so it will give birth to us, pulling us out of ourselves to the outside, so that like a baby coming out of a mother’s womb we would start to feel what happens outside of us? We have to elicit this force in order to be born. It will make us and everything around us strain in order to “push” us out into the Light.

To achieve this we need a “prayer of society.” All together we must reach the realization that this is necessary. Naturally, we will then see and feel everything that really happens in the world. Everything, including all the causes and actions, will immediately become clear to us. We will find ourselves born into the sensation of a new world and will no longer identify ourselves with the body, but will exist in a connection with the single force that fills all space.
From the lesson in Moscow on 1/16/11, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Is this single force that I want to include myself in your describing called Israel and If so does the state of abaraham first

  2. Is it possible right now to feel what is outside of us as we feel what is inside of us?

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