Who Is Projecting The Movie Of Our Life?

Dr. Michael LaitmanEach of us was given a point in the heart, Reshimo (spiritual gene) from the next level, and so we begin to fulfill it. But how can we fulfill it? After all, on the one hand, there is a desire that focuses on the Creator, but on the other hand, it seems that there are many forces and factors, and we are attracted to a certain place not knowing what to do and how to do it.

On every level we make choices not knowing to where we are attracted, what is happening to us, or where all the attributes and the new desires in me come from, etc.

The result is that I have a problem uniting with the upper force. The world around me, which means the different factors that influence me, people, animals, the vegetative and still nature, are not corporeal objects but forces that influence us. I have to attribute them to the Creator and to understand that He is the only one behind them, the chief manager, the director, and the operator. That’s the way it is on every level and in every state.

But there is one problem: How do I reach the revelation of the Creator? To reveal the Creator means to determine that only He manages the whole world.

He has created a Masach (screen) around me in the form of a sphere on which He projects a perpetual movie called “our world,” “my world.” I have to guess to know who is projecting this movie for me. It’s for this purpose that I am shown the movie on the screen that I am in. Each time different people, events, and feelings are projected and it’s all only so that I will reveal the manager above them, and that I will focus myself only on Him, through all the problems. There is none else besides Him.

Who Is Projecting The Movie Of Our Life


But everything that influences me negates the unity with the Creator and provides me with feelings and information that are totally opposite from Him. Thus I feel split. On the one hand, I have the feeling of this world, of a multitude of causes and gods (no matter what you call it). On the other hand, there is only one force.

My goal is to exit the state of multiple causes, the state of feeling split, since I don’t understand why I encounter so many problems on all sides. What’s more, I suddenly find myself in a state of crisis. I didn’t feel so before, it wasn’t about the revelation of this system since there was no one for whom to reveal it.

The crisis pushes me to question the multiple causes. What is happening in this world? I am seized with animalistic fear of the future: how to live and what to do?

The problem increases. The questions that come up and the crisis complement one another and put me in a dilemma (Δ): “What should I do in this world? What is the reason for everything that happens?” I have to understand the reason for the crisis.

The moment I know what it is, I will be able to cope with it somehow. It pushes me to search; it may take years, and could even take going through a third and fourth world war. All these are historical processes and they can be very long and last for decades.

Finally after a long search, I realize that there is a Creator, the force that evokes all this, that manages and determines everything. A person begins to ask himself why the Creator does everything. But he asks himself like us, like people with a point in the heart. The moment a person feels that there is a certain cause that he must discover, it is already the point in the heart.

Then a person reaches a group of Kabbalists, and engages in studying and the integral education and gradually reaches correction. We are already in the state, when having achieved the right connection in the group (that is what integral education and upbringing is—for us as well), we realize the spiritual methodology (“the realization of the group”) and reach correction.

So the main goal is like Baal HaSulam says in the article “There is None Else Besides Him,” that although we feel a multitude of causes, we must determine that there is only one cause for everything that happens. This is our work, our clarification, and everything.

The Creator sends us many problems that tear us to pieces and we have to focus them only on one cause. It’s because the many problems that we see are actually all one problem, our lack of understanding, our oppositeness. Since we are made of different attributes, our oppositeness from Him is revealed in the form of many different contradictions.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/13, Shamati #59 “About the Rod and the Serpent”

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