The Great Plot Of The Screenwriter

584.01Comment: Hollywood screenwriters were asked, “If 2020 was the last episode of a TV series, what would you say? How would you end it?”

By the way, they really disappointed me. I read two pages of answers. First, they criticised the screenwriter, saying, “It was all written by some crazy screenwriter.”

My Response: Not according to their reason. This is clear.

Comment: Yes, not according to their reason. Then they said, “This screenwriter is too tough on the turns.” Even for Hollywood!

My Response: This is surprising.

Comment: They went on to say that he was not acting like a screenwriter at all. That is, suddenly something happened and it is necessary to resolve this story somehow, and he does not, he gives the next one, even higher.

My Response: This is what Kabbalah says.

Comment: Then He does not resolve it as well: no happy ending, nothing happens, and then gives another story. People forget about the previous one, they are already sitting on the next one: America, Europe, murder, and coronavirus, whatever you want. That is, he does what he wants in 2020.

My Response: To us with our short mind it is not clear what connection exists between these phenomena. The plot of this screenwriter is not clear to us.

Question: Is there a clear connection?

Answer: Very clear, the laws of the universe.

Comment: When they came to the end, they offered these endings: It was just a dream, one, two, three, and we woke up.

My Response: This is a good ending to the movie.

Comment: Indeed. Then the camera pulls away and reveals that the whole drama is a figment of the imagination of an autistic child.

My Response: This is good too.

Question: And then a primitive one: killer hornets appear, aliens arrive, and fires come from all over.
Can you tell us what the plot of this screenwriter is?

Answer: I believe that he educates us, knocks all our previous approaches to the development of the world, of ourselves, out of us. Rips the ground out from under our feet so that we could, precisely being absolutely at loss, lose our previous focus, that is, when we were focused on something and tried not to lose where the start and the end were and how they are connected and so forth, being in such prostration that we’d begin to see through this new picture.

It is through this that we will begin to see: “So this is where it all grows from, this is why this appeared in such a way!”

Question: Do our previous brains need to be knocked out?

Answer: Of course. Look what the coronavirus is doing!

Question: Yes. This is 100%. What do we start to see then? Toward the end of the series.

Answer: We do not see this yet, but we will see the plot of this screenwriter. We will see his great plan, how he teaches us, how he guides us through all the states, so that we understand what he is planning, and that before the end of this whole film we would want what he has planned.

Question: This is what is called “suspense,” anxious waiting. What does he expect?

Answer: He expects us to want, to anticipate what he has in store for us.

Question: What does he have in store for us?

Answer: I cannot say that.

Comment: This is the main question, that was asked!

My Response: No. This is eating at us. This should be stifling us, squishing us! We have to agree to everything. We have to be in such a state that everything that the screenwriter does, everything that he unfolds in front of us, will be the best, good state. We should abandon all our criticism, all our hopes, everything! Just give ourselves completely to him and his script.

We just want to follow this current that leads us to him. Exactly to him! To the fact that we fully agree with him initially. Without understanding anything, without being aware of anything, we only want to be in contact, in connection, in complete connection with him so that I do not have anything of my own left in my head or in my heart.

Question: This is called “the ending they could not have foreseen.” That is, whatever happens, let it happen, if it is from you. Is this the state we should come to?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What will the ending be then?

Answer: It does not matter what it will be. The main thing is that it comes from this upper single force.
This is what He does to us, He gradually knocks all of our former small egoistic foundations, clues, and ideas  out of us.

Question: Should I feel: I am completely relying on you, am grateful to you?

Answer: Let go of this whole life completely. Swim with it the way the great screenwriter unfolds it in front of you.

Question: Is this the advice? Let go?

Answer: Of course. There is nothing else left to do. He will do this anyway. So another year, or another two years, we are not getting out of this tomorrow.

Question: Does he knock out everything that we thought we could do, even this state “in our power”?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Nothing is in our power! This is astonishing!

My Response: This is beautiful! There can be nothing else! People on the Earth are poking around, everyone wants to build some future in their own way, to convince others that they are right. And in the end, the upper force laughs at everyone and gradually does what it should do. It educates all of us to reveal the petty egoism, this bourgeois, narrow attitude to everything, so that we reveal ourselves in full faith in everything that should come only from Him.

Question: Will we, people, humans, at least get a little closer to each other along the way?

Answer: The problem here is the number and quality of blows that we will have to survive. We have to agree with His script, with His ending, with the fact that we still have to get close enough to feel each other. Each one needs to feel everyone!

I change within myself in such a way that whether I want to or not, I feel absolutely everyone. I cannot cut this off! I cannot get out of this! I am just created this way! It is like, let’s say, you wake up and you have this. All of it!

That is, you feel absolutely the entire universe, which is connected with you rigidly, tightly. Everything that happens is all in you. You are connected to it to such an extent.

Question: Do I feel all the pain, suffering, happiness, and misery—absolutely everything?

Answer: Absolutely everything!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/5/20

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