Difference Between Spiritual And Earthly Mathematics

548.03Comment: Today mathematics has developed greatly. Kabbalists have never known this. The only thing close to mathematics in Kabbalah is Gematria.

My Response: In principle, mathematics reflects the dependence between some parameters. So, if we take our desires on the one hand, and the desires of the higher field on the other, then as Kabbalah believes and reveals, there is nothing besides these two parameters.

Therefore, all our knowledge also consists of zero and one. We can write down any given in this way. Kabbalists describe the relationship between various stages, but describe it in the form of a condition: if you know how to approach changing yourself at some level, then make yourself the necessary instrument, feel and see what is being said.

That is, earthly sciences link various data into a single chain, but all this is not experienced by man, and exists as it were, outside of us.

And Kabbalah is a science that is felt by us, and first of all, it should tune us to this feeling, without detaching from nature. Therefore, it describes man and nature according to a completely different principle—as our steps to merge with nature.

Mathematics is the relationship between data. But the problem is that in our world all this happens in egoistic properties and therefore does not lead to similarity, but on the contrary, to differentiation, to rupture, as a result of which a multitude of all kinds of properties, formulas, interdependencies, and other things appear.

But when you walk only in likeness, then you almost do not need mathematics because in the spiritual world everything is graduated in 125 steps, and each of them has five levels. You must become like each of them. To do this, you need to bring your egoism to a state corresponding to a certain level. That is, everything is very specific.

And in our world, because we work in an egoistic Kli (vessel), we break it into many parts, and we get a huge mathematical array. We cannot connect it in any way: where can we get this single formula that connects the entire universe into one whole? This cannot be done through our egoistic perception.

And although we actively use mathematics, in principle, it is all built not on similarities, but on differences from nature. Spiritual mathematics is based on completely different principles.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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