Egoism Breaks The Boundaries

508.2Comment: A few decades ago, the human factor was emphasized in the relationship between men and women.

My Response: Today, this factor does not exist at all. Even then, a man was very small, ostentatious. Men and women played flirting games with each other. It was a superficial, external culture.

But inside, it wasn’t like that. People had a little selfishness, less demand on each other. They were more dependent on society: I can’t get a divorce, I’m held back by some social framework, laws, and conventions.

None of this is happening now. I calmly talk about everything: who I am, what I am, what my sexual inclinations are, what I have on the side. And nothing. I’m free, I’m an adult, and that’s it.

It turns out that the family in this form cannot exist for a long time. We are leading ourselves to its final disintegration. This is only hindered by the fact that there are still various societies in the world, for example, Catholic and Muslim, which are against divorce.

China and India have not yet outgrown their traditional framework. Wait a couple more years, and we’ll see the world in a perfect farce. Then people will finally understand that they have broken all the boundaries with their egoism and made themselves unmanageable. And without control, we go into such chaos that a person just has to close their eyes to not see anything. This is the only way he can be saved.

It is then that people will come to understand that they need to know the source of nature, why this happens, how to correct themselves and their attitude to nature. And then they will need Kabbalah.

Question: What does it mean to correct yourself?

Answer: To correct means, without limiting yourself, to properly manage your egoistic nature. Egoism is good because it moves us forward. But it moves us incorrectly, because we are under it, we indulge it.

And if we can manage it properly to move toward the goal set by nature, if we see our future, which in principle is already prepared for us, then we will achieve universal harmony.

The problem is that a person does not know what is ahead of him, what will happen today in a minute, and even more so tomorrow. And Kabbalah reveals this perspective, and it becomes clear to us where to go. And then immediately there is a correct analysis of good and evil, what needs to be eliminated and what does not.

But today, everyone judges the world by himself, everyone believes that he is right. And so the world is what it is.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Common Law Marriage” 8/11/09

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