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631.5Question: Why do men and women today not want any obligations to each other?

Answer: Why? In the past cycles of life, I was born with a new egoism, much greater than in the previous cycles. Selfishness in a person grows every day, every minute, and therefore we develop. We are constantly creating something new in the world, pushing forward in science, art, culture, building new relationships, making revolutions. Animals do not have this; their egoism is constant. Take an animal five hundred years ago and today, they are practically the same thing.

If you take a person of the previous and today’s generations, there is a huge difference. Our children no longer understand us. Even if we compare ourselves with ten years ago and today, we will not understand each other.

The egoistic foundation, which is changing in us all the time and requires developing ourselves in search of fulfillment, is qualitatively different. For example, in past generations we lived in what is called the animal state—as we were born, this is how we should be.

Let us say I was born into the family of a plowman, blacksmith, tailor, or shoemaker. This means that I will also inherit my father’s occupation, his tools, and even his clothes, I will build a house nearby, I will marry the daughter of a neighbor.

Everything fits. A man felt that he needed it and it helped him. He felt, this is my framework, it provides for me, it protects me. He felt good.

I remember even my grandparents did not have any marriage registration. They were married according to the national custom, they made a chuppah, and that was all. Then, when my grandfather died, and it was necessary to rewrite the acts of civil status, they took several witnesses, the same old people, and they testified that they were husband and wife.

Marriage was not a human obligation. It was a natural environment of communication for him. He created around himself his home, his family, his yard, his garden, next to his parents, some kind of community, city, maybe even a country, state, and so on.

That is, a person at that time wanted to create some kind of shell around himself in which he could exist. This is how an animal acts by creating protective systems around itself. But suddenly, over the 20th century, we broke this framework and began to move from the animal level of development to the human one. It was said in Kabbalah several thousand years ago that such a revolution would take place in the 20th century.

A person is one who does not tolerate any frameworks, he must get out of them. Therefore, a new culture, science, relationships in the family and in society appear. Now, all are equal, there are no boundaries, I do not listen to anyone. Man is trying to break free from everything. Even going into space is the realization of our desire to go into a higher state, into the outer dimension.

Although we still do not feel it, this is the direction of man’s aspiration, to go beyond the framework of our life, those seventy years in which we exist. They constrain me, I see the beginning and the end, and therefore this whole life is like a prison. I have to find something higher, outside of this life.

If a person does not reach the answer to the questions: why and what for?, then he neglects everything else. For him, everything else is no longer important. Exist as easily as possible, and that is all.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/11/09

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